Tribal Rugs

Tribal Persian Rugs

Enjoy the wonders of a woven story with Tribal Rugs.

The craftsmanship involved in the creation of tribal rugs is clear just from the tightly woven, hand-knotted masterpieces. But what can truly set a rug apart is when a Tribal Rug is created from the memory of the weaver from what has been learned and passed down from generation to generation.

Far from following a pre-written plan or pre-designed map, these are beautiful impressions, perhaps inspired by a flying bird or darting animal that is then knotted into the rug. Traditionally, these Tribal Persian Rugs from Iran are from Shiraz, as well as the southeast of the country in Baluchi.

Tribal rugs are produced by nomadic tribes that were always on the move in search for better pastures for their sheep. The nomadic lifestyle of the weavers has a major impact on the shape, colors, and designs of these rugs.

Tribal weavers used their surroundings as inspiration for their designs. All dyes used were also obtained from natural vegetation available in their surrounding area. This resulted in a fascinating array of patterns and colors in tribal rugs produced in different areas.


The Tried-and-true Decorating Tips for Tribal Rugs

Though Persian rugs can all be considered one-of-a-kind, these Tribal Persian Rugs stand out for their personality, for their emotion, and for their lived history. You can help them remain the center point of the room by pairing them with simpler, more minimalist furniture that sits at the edges rather than obscuring the finer details. Creams, blacks, and whites can also help to accent the rich red hues that are often found in a Tribal Persian Rugs’ intricate art.