Antique Sarouk

Antique Sarouk rugs

Antique Sarouk rugs start back from the 1890s and one of the famous types of antique Persian rugs. There are antique Sarouks from Sultanabad that have very simple patterns. Later on since the introduction of Sarouk rugs to the American market, more complicated designs began to emerge. For example of the more famous antique Sarouk designs called Mohajeran.

Another type of famous antique Sarouk design is Sarouk Lilian. This design comes from the village of Lilian where mostly Armenian weavers reside. These weavers are know for creating very complicated patterns seen in antique Sarouk Lilian designs.

Also one of the most famous types of antique Sarouk designs from the 19th century is the Sarok Farahan design.

The oldest Sarouk design is the Sultanabad Saoruk which is the old name of Arak. These types of antique Sarouks were made in small villages of Arak around 150 years ago.