9 x 12 Kazak

9 x 12 Kazak Rugs

Oversized rugs could take much time to finish. A 9 x 12 rug could take about 9–10 months to be completed by four to five experienced rug weavers working five to six hours every day.

9' x 12' Kazak rugs come in a range of color combinations, including reds, indigo blues, and ivories, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your room while maintaining a minimalistic ambiance. 

If you want your couches to be fully placed on the rug, this size will allow the edges of the rug to peek out just enough to add a subtle touch of visual interest to your flooring without dominating the overall decor.

For a hand-knotted rug to go under a dining table with 8 chairs, consider a 9' x 12' Kazak rug.