Augmented Reality Rugs Instructions

Welcome To The Future of Online Shopping

All you need is an iPhone or iPad with a new operating system and you can start viewing a hundreds of rugs inside your home using augmented reality.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

But it’s true.

Devices we can support at this time:

  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) 
  • iPad (2017)
Introducing: The Catalina Experience

Here’s how it works:  Simply go to any rug category page and follow these steps.

1. Click to view the rug you like.

2. Read the features of that particular rug to make sure it has the attributes you like:
Size, Color, Shape, Price, Origin etc…

3. Scroll down the page to find a QR code…

Like this one here: Augmented Reality Persian Rugs

4. Open the camera app on your device (currently we can only support IOS and not Android operating systems).

5. Scan the QR code with your iPhone/iPad (which allows your camera to access our website page on your iPhone).

6. Once the product page loads. Tap on the icon see persian rugs with augmented reality on the top right of the rug image

7. Point your device at the space where you would like to see your chosen rug.

8. Wait a few seconds for the technology to scan and scale your room size.

9. Congratulations. Now you can see your rug at home!

This is the new way to shop online for Persian and Oriental Rugs…

… we hope you enjoy “The Catalina Experience”.

What do you think?

Is being able to view rugs at home before you buy…

Using augmented reality on your phone or ipad…

Beneficial to you?

Demo Video

Pro Tips:  First, you can see the rug at scale, to make sure the rug you are viewing would fit precisely where you want it to… 


You can resize and rotate the rug to make it fit.

What you would do then is…

Measure the dimensions of the space you have – to know exactly what size rug you want. 

And then, you can use our search by dimension feature (width & length) on our Rug Category Pages to filter for the rugs that meet your criteria. 

Then of course, you can use the instructions on this page (again) to see the rugs you like …  at home before you buy.  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Your Feedback is Important to us...

Would you be so kind to let us know.

When you try it out – is it easy to use? Or is it confusing?  

Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us improve “The Catalina Experience” for all. Thanks in advance.