Part 1 – Lesson [5 of 5] – Quality of Persian Rugs

The materials used to make 100% hand-knotted rugs are natural plant and animal fibers, like silk, wool, cotton, jute and sisal.

In using these materials, a Perisan Rug can last for thousands of years.

Not only that but the quality of a wool / silk rug is actually good for your health.

As man-made materials like nylon, acrylic, and viscose can irritate and increase allergies.

But getting back to the finer details…

A fine weave is more important than knot count in the quality of the design.

The weave should be fine enough to clearly express the motifs of the design.

For example: a bold geometric design may have less than 100 knots per square inch while a detailed floral pattern may require 300 or more.

While tightness and regularity of weave are important, the quality of the wool determines the resilience and lasting patina of a rug.

Plus, the quality and fastness of the dyes are also important.

These are all factors a rug collector must get right.

After all, it’s their job to know a good rug from a great one.

As far as you’re concerned, essentially you just want to know with 100% certainty that what you are buying is actually ‘real wool’ or ‘real silk’ and not an imitation.

One last thing: just know that two rugs might look similar…

…yet they may be vastly different in real quality and therefore in value.

The easy way to solve the ‘quality issue’ is to rely on a rug store owner or rug dealer who has a lot of experience.

And a lot of glowing testimonials also helps put your mind at ease.

This concludes Part I.

We hope you’ve gained some useful insights and practical information.

In Part II – we explore everything you’ll need to know in order to choose your perfect rug.

And, when you get all of these points ‘checked in your mind’ i.e. you know exactly what you’re looking for, (or you’re pretty close)…

Then you can begin your search online.

Because every good rug website should allow you to search using filters for what we’re about to cover.

And after you get familiar with the next categories, you won’t even need to see the rug in-person before you buy it, you’ll just know it’s 99.9% the rug for you.

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