Part 1 – Lesson [3 of 5] – Age of Persian Rugs

All things being equal, when a rug is in good condition, the older it is, the more valuable it is.

Rug collectors know this. As do the large auction houses.

That’s why a genuine masterpiece created thousands of years ago, can sell for multiple millions of dollars.
For the rug enthusiast, interested in a genuine rug with some history but not of biblical proportions, will just need to know the approximate age.

Any rug over 30 years old is considered vintage and any rug over 100 years old is considered antique.

And because a wool or silk rug can take a trip to a professional rug cleaners and come back looking good as new…

Choosing an older rug won’t detract from the quality of your purchase, if anything, it will enhance it.

Of course, the older a rug is the more detailed the inspection should be to ensure tip top…


Which is the subject of tomorrow’s message.
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