Part 1 – Lesson [2 of 5] – Types of Persian Rugs

Within each rug weaving country there are of course different cities & villages where the rug creation takes place.

Years ago, in many villages, rug weavers would make rugs just for themselves.

Then, as they became known for their captivating beauty and charm, they began to rise in demand.

This meant larger workshops opened up in cities and rug-weavers would work from there, trading their skills for income.

Persian rug weaving inside a town workshop

As a result, you can now enjoy a variety of different rugs from many different geographical locations within one country.

This was (and still is) good news for any rug lover…

… because each location’s design and creation process influences each finished product.

Basically, it’s where traditional rug weaving merges with the nuances of each individual weaver and material available from the area, the result of which makes each ‘type’ of rug unique to the region.

This means some rugs are more desirable due to historical reasons…

they could have sentimental value…

or because the rug comes from a place like Tabriz which has its own loom named after it, (the tabriz loom)…

or some other factors including motifs, designs and pile thickness etc.

No matter the era (or area) from which a rug was made, they soon became known worldwide as status symbols of:

success, achievement and wealth,

and continue to represent these qualities to this day. So much so that…

In 2010, the traditional skills of carpet weaving in the Iranian town of Kashan…

… was inscribed to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Which as you can imagine, has increased the demand (and value) of this ‘type’ of rug.

OK. That concludes today’s lessons.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at how the age of a rug can influence price (and why most new rugs aren’t as expensive as older, vintage versions).

See you then.


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