Decorating with Hand Knotted Persian rugs

Decorating With Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

If you are planning on decorating your home with hand knotted Persian rugs, you must take time to understand the difference between a hand-knotted Persian rug and an Oriental rug. Novices often use these terms interchangeably, but a Persian rug expert knows there is a huge difference between the two. What Is The Difference Between […]

handmade persian rugs vs machine made rugs

Handmade Persian Rugs Vs. Machine Made Rugs

There’s nothing better than a good-looking rug when you want to add more oomph and style to your home. However, what most people find challenging is deciding whether they should choose a handmade Persian rug or a machine-made rug. Handmade rugs are more expensive so the question for many prospective buyers is, is it worth […]

8 Things To Remember When Buying A Tabriz

Tabriz rugs are known for their fine texture, exceptional quality, and a wide variety of colors and patterns. These hand knotted rugs truly highlight the unparalleled talent and skills of the weavers of Tabriz, in north western Iran. The skills have been passed down through the generations and the quality of the rugs has remained […]

Under Pad For Oriental Rugs

Should You Or Shouldn’t You  Use Under Pad For Oriental Rugs? If you’ve just bought an oriental rug, chances are the rug seller would have advised you to buy an underpad to protect your rug. Most people eye this advice with suspicion as they presume the rug seller is just trying to make some quick […]

4 Tips for Investing in a Persian Rug

Any Persian rug beautifies your home and creates a warm, inviting environment. Choose what fits your tastes and décor and frequently you’ll end up with a piece that appreciates in value. In fact, Iranian business men often stockpile Persian rugs like gold. The rugs are known as “Iranian stock and shares” and there is a […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Persian Rug

As you may already know, Persian rugs come in prices, sizes, and colors to suit a wide variety of tastes and their ultimate home. Here are seven reasons why people decide to buy Persian rugs. 1.  Persian Rugs Are Great For Decorating. There are so many decorating uses for Persian rugs, it boggles the mind. […]

How to buy Persian Rugs

How to Buy Persian Rugs Ultimate Guide

How To Buy A Good Persian Rug What To Look For When Buying A Persian Rug Walking into a Persian rug store is like walking into a scene straight out of the Arabian nights with rows and rows of rugs in the most fascinating array of designs and colors. As you look around soaking in […]

Tabriz Rug Video

Information about Tabriz Rugs

Do you want to learn more about Tabriz Rugs? Well this week we are discussing the history, recognition, and design of Hand Knotted Tabriz Rugs Tabriz is the fifth largest city in Iran, located in the northwestern region near the edge of the Caucasus Mountains. This city once served as the capital of Iran and […]

Do Pets And Persian Rugs Mix?

We get it: Persian rugs can be confusing. On the one hand, they are works of art -finely crafted, handmade items that hold the imagery and symbolism of some of the world’s most storied cultures. But unlike art, Persian rugs are tough, scrappy, durable in the extreme. It is as if someone showed you the […]

The Rug Makes the Room

Some more home decorating advice this week focused on area rugs: this one from The Lowell Sun. The article offers a brief primer on the many advantages of choosing area rugs, such as colorful Persian rugs, to complete the look of any room. The writer has this to say about the perennial dilemma about how […]

Make Your Persian Rug a Star

The press continues to gush over the current revival in Persian rug and handmade rug-driven decorating. The latest is this article describing how many of the nation’s foremost designers have begun to think of gorgeous rugs as the centerpiece and thematic touchstone of their work: What draws lots of attention in today’s well-designed room? A […]

Dazzling Persian Rugs on Display

The latest news in hand-woven Persian rugs often revolves around expos, collections and auctions, but it’s not often that readers get to sample all the visual fireworks alongside the prose. Here is a rare exception -a wire story from Central Iran about a major exhibition that covers an astonishing variety of styles, motifs, sizes and […]

Comic-Con for Persian Rugs? Only in Tehran

There are trade shows, there are expos, and then there is the International Handmade Carpet Exhibition of Iran. This unthinkably large celebration takes place just once a year, bringing together many of the most gifted rug weavers and designers in all of Persia. The event itself can feel a bit overwhelming: everywhere you look are […]

The Complete Oriental Rug Care Guide

Oriental rugs are typically admired for two big things: their beauty and their durability. The beauty part goes without saying: the best Oriental carpets are unique, hand-knotted heirlooms whose detail and color contain millennia of inspiration. But what about that durability? Whether your rug is made of wool or wool and silk, Oriental carpets are […]

Oriental Rugs 101: Geometric Vs. Floral Designs

We live in an era dominated by display technologies: phones, tablets, flat screens. One of the terms of art used through the tech industry is resolution, or the number of dots that comprise what you see. In technology, the word for those dots is pixels. What many people don’t know is that the very same […]