What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs

What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs?

In this modern age of technology and machine-made convenience, it is interesting to know that there are still some age-old techniques that add value and beauty to your home. We’re talking about hand-knotted rugs. Features Of Hand-Knotted Rugs Hand-knotted rugs are made entirely by hand. Skilled weavers work at for hours on end patiently creating […]

Decorating with Hand Knotted Persian rugs

Decorating With Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

If you are planning on decorating your home with hand knotted Persian rugs, you must take time to understand the difference between a hand-knotted Persian rug and an Oriental rug. Novices often use these terms interchangeably, but a Persian rug expert knows there is a huge difference between the two. What Is The Difference Between […]

Tight On Space? Choose Small Oriental Rugs

Large Oriental rugs can look absolutely mesmerizing with their elaborate patterns, eye-catching motifs and striking color combinations. It’s tempting to want to own one of these large-sized exotic creations. But trying to fit a large sized rug into a small space may not give you the results you are looking for. Not only will the […]

A Rug In The Kitchen

Home Styling Tips: Add A Rug To A Room

Adding an Oriental rug to a room is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the look of the room and give it character and flair. In fact, the most difficult part about decorating with Oriental rugs is choosing one from among the fabulous varieties that are available. Why Choose Oriental Rugs? Oriental […]

Oriental Rugs And Art – The Often Overlooked Connection

Oriental rugs and art? Is it even possible to compare the two? A behind-the-scenes look at how rugs are manufactured reveals some very interesting and surprising connections between these two art forms. Oriental rugs are beautiful creations made by only very few, very talented tribal nomads. Each rug is painstakingly hand-woven. There is absolutely no […]

Kazak Rugs Buyer’s Guide

What Does Kazak  Rugs Mean? Learning all the definitions and spellings and origins of the word “Kazak”, will take you on an interesting journey from Russia to Armenia to Pakistan and cover topics like politics, history and culture and rugs. This article explains “Kazak” in the context of oriental rugs.  Oriental rug names are derived […]

Under Pad For Oriental Rugs

Should You Or Shouldn’t You  Use Under Pad For Oriental Rugs? If you’ve just bought an oriental rug, chances are the rug seller would have advised you to buy an underpad to protect your rug. Most people eye this advice with suspicion as they presume the rug seller is just trying to make some quick […]

Peshawar Rugs Must-Know Information and Review

This week I am going to talk about hand knotted Peshawar Rugs , also known as Chobi rugs. I will be covering the history, design, and ways to identify this particular type of rug. Peshawar Rugs History: The influences of migrations, invading armies, and trade have left Pakistan with a rich culture, which is visible in the arts […]

Kazak Rug Guide

Information about Kazak Rugs

If your in the market for Kazak rugs, there are some interesting facts that you should know about these beautiful rugs. This week I am discussing Kazak rugs. And I will cover their history, design, colors, and material. This way next time you are rug shopping you will have a clear understanding about Kazak rugs. History of Hand […]

HGTV on Oriental Rugs

Every once in a while, it’s wise to look to the gurus of style for some advice. This recent piece on HGTV’s website pretty much says it all: it’s a handy guide to sourcing, choosing and ultimately buying the perfect Oriental rug for your home. The article is full of savvy advice about sizing and […]

The Complete Oriental Rug Care Guide

Oriental rugs are typically admired for two big things: their beauty and their durability. The beauty part goes without saying: the best Oriental carpets are unique, hand-knotted heirlooms whose detail and color contain millennia of inspiration. But what about that durability? Whether your rug is made of wool or wool and silk, Oriental carpets are […]

Oriental Rug Expert Lights Up the Martha Stewart Show

It’s about time: domestic goddess Martha Stewart has finally devoted a lengthy video package to handmade Oriental rugs: their art, their culture and their unsurpassed beauty. The guest of honor was one Shiv Sikri, a collector whose considerable knowledge of the process and craft that go into these carpets were the highlight of a segment […]

Oriental Rugs 101: Geometric Vs. Floral Designs

We live in an era dominated by display technologies: phones, tablets, flat screens. One of the terms of art used through the tech industry is resolution, or the number of dots that comprise what you see. In technology, the word for those dots is pixels. What many people don’t know is that the very same […]

Choosing an Oriental Rug

When you are the owner of a handmade Oriental rug you possess a beautiful piece of art steeped in rich history. That is why many want to possess authentic hand knotted Oriental rugs. Types, sizes and colors of rugs can be very diverse. For instance, Oriental rugs vary in size, color and shape depending on […]

Beautifully Crafted Persian Rugs

An expertly- crafted Persian rug will surely be a classy and harmonizing enhancement when it comes to the interior decoration of one’s home. The long and elaborate History behind the Art of Rug making shows that the rugs of today are more sophisticated however, the rugs are known to add personality and warmth to your […]