Oriental Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs Have Many Benefits

Oriental Wool rugs is a generic term that includes all wool rugs which are woven in the Oriental regions of Persia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. They are all handmade and all materials and dyes used are sourced from natural materials. One of the main materials use on Oriental  rugs is wool. Wool is a natural, […]

How Oriental Rugs Are Produced

The Timeline & Steps Involved In Producing An Oriental Rug When most of us think about how long it would take to produce an Oriental rug, we only take into consideration the knotting process. However, while rug knotting is a long and laborious process, it is not the only one. The actual process of manufacturing […]

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Silk And Wool Persian Rugs Tips

Most Persian rugs are made from 100% wool. For a floor covering it is a natural choice, it is durable, easy to weave on a loom, can be dyed into many colors, and it is a readily available resource. A small percentage of rugs woven from silk. Silk rugs are strong, but not as strong […]