How To Achieve A Bohemian Interior With Kilim Rugs

If you love warm, inviting earth tones and gravitate toward unique decorative pieces and furnishings from all over the world, then Bohemian interiors may be the perfect style to reflect your personal aesthetic. There are several décor items you can use to create a Bohemian interior, from colorful drapes and furnishings to kitschy lamp shades, […]


Why Your Home Needs A Hallway Runner?

Placing a rug in the smallest of bare spaces in your room can bring comfort, protection, warmth, and even a touch of whimsy, depending upon the choice of rug and the rest of the décor. One of the places in any home where a rug can make a significant impact is a hallway. Whether small […]

Oriental Rugs In The Bathroom_ Yes or No

Oriental Rugs In The Bathroom: Yes Or No?

This is admittedly a topic of much debate – can you really place an oriental rug in the bathroom? While some homeowners may love the idea, others are adamant that Oriental rugs have no place in a room where so much moisture and “damage” may occur. So should you or should you not place an […]

runner rugs_why you need one

Runner Rugs: Why You Need One

A runner rug is a long rectangular or oblong-shaped rug. The length of this type of rug is usually two or more times its width. These are ideal for placing in a narrow floor space, such as a narrow hallway or narrow area of flooring. Runner rugs not only help tie a room and its […]

Transform Your Space with Runner Rugs

Transform Your Space With Runner Rugs

There is no doubt that runner rugs are a game changer when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of any space. A small runner rug is perfect to add interest to the far end of the room that is looking a bit bare. On the other hand, a larger rug adds a surprise element and […]

compact space problems? choose small rugs

Compact Space Problems? Choose Small Rugs

Large Oriental rugs look mesmerizing sitting right in the center of your living rooms. With their elaborate patterns, striking color combinations, and eye-catching motifs, it can be difficult to resist their allure. Unfortunately, placing a large sized rug into a compact space is far from satisfactory. It will result in your room looking cramped and […]

A Rug In The Kitchen

Home Styling Tips: Add A Rug To A Room

Adding an Oriental rug to a room is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the look of the room and give it character and flair. In fact, the most difficult part about decorating with Oriental rugs is choosing one from among the fabulous varieties that are available. Why Choose Oriental Rugs? Oriental […]

Kazak Rugs Buyer’s Guide

What Does Kazak  Rugs Mean? Learning all the definitions and spellings and origins of the word “Kazak”, will take you on an interesting journey from Russia to Armenia to Pakistan and cover topics like politics, history and culture and rugs. This article explains “Kazak” in the context of oriental rugs.  Oriental rug names are derived […]

Best Oriental Rugs for Summer Homes

The size of your room and the existing décor of the room are the two main factors to take into consideration when you are looking for rugs. However, there is a third factor that can play a key role in the overall look of the room. That third factor is choosing the right rug for […]

Round Oriental Rugs Home Design Ideas

Have you ever heard the expression of trying to fit a square Rug into a round hole?  Decorating with a rectangular rug, where a round one would be better is like trying to fit a square Rug into a round hole. 5 Areas to use Round Oriental Rugs When choosing the perfect oriental hand knotted […]

How To Put a Rug in a Room

After a lot of debating and deliberation, you’ve finally chosen a Persian rug for your room. The only thing left now is to get it home and make sure that you proceed carefully while placing it in the room. While Persian rugs are not exactly delicate, they do require to be handled carefully so they […]

6 Places To Decorate With Runner Rugs

Runner rugs is a term that is used to describe rugs that are long and narrow. These rugs are usually rectangular in design, although you can also find them in a few other unusual shapes too. Whatever the shape, the length of a runner rug is often several times more than their breadth. Runner rugs […]