why persian rugs are expensive

6 Reasons Why Persian Rugs Are Expensive

For some, a Persian rug is a family heirloom that they may have inherited over a few generations. For others, Persian rugs are a passion. Prospective collectors dream about owning their very first rug and then adding to their collection of these gorgeous creations. This is often where some would-be collectors come across their first […]

A beginners guide to buying a persian rug

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Persian Rug

Persian rugs are renowned for their beauty, durability, and warmth. When they are properly cared for and maintained, they can last for several years. Some of the most beautiful pieces are proudly cherished and cared for by many generations. If you have an interest in collecting these rugs for art purposes, we have some tips […]

What Makes An Oriental Rug Valuable

What Makes An Oriental Rug Valuable

Like other period pieces of furniture, Oriental rugs are valued for their colors, warmth, and for some, their history. Not all these factors are necessary to make a rug more valuable, but there are some factors which must be considered. This is especially true for inherited rugs or rugs that are available in flea markets […]

Why You Should Invest In High-Quality Oriental Rugs

Why You Should Invest In High-Quality Oriental Rugs

Much like other classic pieces of art, a high-quality Oriental rug is an investment piece that may well outlast several generations. When purchased as new pieces, some people may find their initial cost somewhat prohibitive, but what you should consider is that these are investments that pay for themselves in a few years’ time and […]

Your Oriental rug deserve some love

Your Oriental Rug Deserves Some Love!

Now that you have purchased your Oriental rug, how should you care for it? Is it all right just to vacuum it, or will you need specialty cleaners? What do you do if there is a spill? How often should you clean it? If this is the first Oriental rug you own, here are a […]

How much is your oriental rug worth

How Much Is Your Oriental Rug Worth?

Much like other treasured pieces of furniture and home décor, you can also get your Oriental rug appraised to determine its monetary value. Unless you, yourself, are an antique appraiser or work in the antique industry, appraisals are best left to the experts. It is ill-advised that you self-appraise. If you have recently purchased an […]

Why An Oriental Rug Is Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

Why An Oriental Rug Is Perfect For An Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-friendly decorating is more than just a passing trend. This healthy pro-environment lifestyle is here to stay. According to some of the top interior décor experts, choosing Oriental rugs is the perfect way to highlight your eco-friendly lifestyle and tasteful décor style. Here are some of the reasons why Oriental rugs are considered eco-friendly. Sustainability […]

4 Useful Tips Before Buying an Oriental rug

4 Useful Tips Before Buying an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs can really pull your home décor together, showcasing your good taste and sharp eye for unique, colorful designs. An oriental rug can bring warmth, light, and harmony to any interior, and while there are no rigid rules to buying and placing oriental rugs, these few guidelines will help you choose an oriental rug […]

Decorating with Hand Knotted Persian rugs

Decorating With Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

If you are planning on decorating your home with hand knotted Persian rugs, you must take time to understand the difference between a hand-knotted Persian rug and an Oriental rug. Novices often use these terms interchangeably, but a Persian rug expert knows there is a huge difference between the two. What Is The Difference Between […]

How Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs Are Priced

How Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs Are Priced

When you are looking at hand knotted Oriental rugs, your first thought may be that they are priced quite highly. Considering price does play a major role in your decision to purchase a rug, it is necessary to understand how Oriental rugs are priced so that you can determine whether or not it is worth the […]

handmade persian rugs vs machine made rugs

Handmade Persian Rugs Vs. Machine Made Rugs

There’s nothing better than a good-looking rug when you want to add more oomph and style to your home. However, what most people find challenging is deciding whether they should choose a handmade Persian rug or a machine-made rug. Handmade rugs are more expensive so the question for many prospective buyers is, is it worth […]

Buying A Silk Rug?

Buying A Silk Rug?

With their intricate designs, tight weave, vivid colors and lovely lush feel, silk rugs are true works of art. In fact, most people who buy these fabulous creations use them to adorn their walls rather than their floors. Here are a few things you should know if you are considering buying a silk rug. Features […]