Heriz And Serapi: What Sets Them Apart

Heriz And Serapi: What Sets Them Apart

Heriz is informal village rugs that are produced in the city of Heriz in the province of East Azerbaijan in North West Iran. These rugs are woven with the Turkish knot. Interesting Facts About Heriz Rugs Heriz rugs have a few very distinct characteristics that set them apart from other Oriental rugs and make them […]


Silk Rugs Vs. Wool Rugs

Silk and wool are two of the most commonly used materials in Oriental rugs. Rugs made from either of these materials have different characteristics but both types look absolutely fabulous, making it really difficult to choose between the two. So what exactly are the differences between silk rugs and wool rugs and which one would […]

Common Misconceptions About Rugs

When it comes to oriental rugs, misconceptions abound. Unfortunately this has led many people to make expensive mistakes when they are looking for an oriental rug for their home or office space. Knowing what is fact and what is myth can help you avoid making such mistakes. Below you will find some of the more […]

outside of an ancient rug market in iran

History of Oriental Rugs in 5-Minutes

The history of oriental rugs goes back several thousand years. From that time to now these rugs have undergone several transformations but interestingly, despite all of the changes in designs and weaving techniques, most rugs have stayed true to form. When it comes to oriental rugs, it really is true what they say – “The […]

How Persian & Oriental Rugs Are Made

With their magnificent intricate patterns, stunning colors and superior finish, you would imagine that Persian and Oriental rugs would be made by highly trained professionals using very advanced, complex machinery, high end materials and custom manufactured dyes. Surprisingly, none of that is true. Hard to believe but Oriental rugs are hand woven on some of […]

Under Pad For Oriental Rugs

Should You Or Shouldn’t You  Use Under Pad For Oriental Rugs? If you’ve just bought an oriental rug, chances are the rug seller would have advised you to buy an underpad to protect your rug. Most people eye this advice with suspicion as they presume the rug seller is just trying to make some quick […]

Using Rugs To Silence Your Floors

Oriental rugs do more than just enhance the overall look and feel of your room. In fact, these beautifully decorative items are a wonderful combination of form and function. Oriental rugs were first primarily made by tribal weavers in the northern Persian regions, an area known for its brutally cold temperatures during the winter. Too […]

Most Expensive Oriental rug

10 Most Expensive Oriental Rugs In The World

 By now you must be used to hearing about how Oriental rugs are so expensive but could you take a wild guess at the cost of the most expensive rug in the world? It’s a mind boggling number that is absolutely difficult to imagine. The world’s most expensive rug costs US $4,450,000. If your […]

The Meaning Behind 9 Popular Oriental Rug Colors

Oriental rug colors  play a major influencing role in our home decor. Whether we are buying rugs, drapes or any other furnishing, we either choose our colors carefully depending on the ambiance we are trying to create in that particular room. We may choose blue to create a more soothing, relaxed atmosphere or yellow to […]

4 Most Breathtaking Scenic Rugs

Scenic rugs make a distinctive style statement and of course, there are some pieces that are so spectacular they cannot but help become the center of attraction. Take a look at 4 of the most breathtaking Scenic Persian rugs: #1. Sheep Roaming the Hills This brown, hand-knotted, Tabriz Persian rug measures 2’ x 3’ and […]

The Oldest Persian Rugs Ever Found

World’s Oldest Persian Rugs Most of us know that Persian rug weaving is an ancient art and we have a pretty good inkling of how valuable antique oriental rugs can be but have you ever wondered about whether or not it would actually be possible to identify the world’s oldest rug and what that rug […]