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Is it because a Persian Rug from Catalina is steeped in history and antiquity?

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Or is it because these unique artworks instantly add elegance and charm to ANY room at home?

Well, it’s all of the above and more.

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See, when you purchase a Persian Rug from Catalina, it isn’t only about you having remarkable taste and a keen eye for style.

And, it’s not just because you deserve to have the best floor-art, money can buy.

The truth is, sometimes you simply want – what you want.

And why not surround yourself with soft-furnishings that are superior?

Why not exchange a little cash for a work of art — that can take 365 days to make
(on average) and up to 8 years or more — depending on rug size and knot density.

Why not…

own a piece of history?

Now, can you see an exquisite Persian rug…

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If the answer is yes (and, if you can afford to treat yourself to a little luxury from time to time).

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one-of-a-kind, artisan designed, hand-made pieces of ‘art’

—  from the ancient world of Persia and the Orient.


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