Signature Rugs

An Open Letter To Every Man And Woman In America Who Wants The Best Persian Rug Money Can Buy.

Dear Reader,

Few things in life are as satisfying as having a place to call home…

… a home that you decorate in ways that reflect your personality, and represent your values.

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

Because, there’s ONE rug you really ought to know about.

Pride of Persia

You see, at Catalina, we believe that a Signature Rug, is hands down the closest thing you can get to perfection, and the one rug you simply must have – for your home or collection.  

Because not only do these signature rugs add an air of sophistication and charm to the look and feel of your home, sometimes they can actually make you money.

In a moment, I’m going to explain how you can invest in these highly desirable and rare masterpieces. 

But first, I’ll explain why ‘Signature Rugs’ are so valuable.

Tabriz Signature Rugs

First Century Tradition

See, dating back to the beginning of the first century, the incredible art of rug weaving was already taking place.  

Yes, documents have been found to show that persian carpets go all the way back to the ancient Greeks.  

Splendid Carpets

As it was Homer (who wrote the poem ‘Illiad’ about Troy and the battles of King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles) who mentioned a “splendid carpet” –  way back in 850BC.

Which in historical terms, was around the Bronze Age.

Now, as you might guess… almost all of those carpets have long-since gone, but… the ancient traditions still live on to this day.

21st Century Investment

That’s why we consider these exclusive one-of-a-kind rugs as an investment.

Because signature rugs are genuine art pieces based on timeless principles handed down throughout the generations.  Made exclusively in only a handful of carpet-weaving master workshops.

What’s more, once a design is woven into existence, the blueprint is destroyed – to keep each rug 100% unique.

Jewel of Iran

And, if you were to trace the roots of these rugs back to their source of origin.

You’d find yourself standing in the center of a Persian Bazaar, (an open-air marketplace or souk), bathed in middle-eastern sunlight… 

Surrounded by the sounds of a bustling market… 

… as the smell of Esfand incense (wild rue seeds) and the sweet aroma of “cardamom & rose petal tea’’, dazzle your senses and romance your pocketbook wide open….

… as you buy the most exquisite looking rugs and trinkets you can get your hands on… before heading back home.

But, not before taking a cool & refreshing dip in the caspian sea.

Why do Persian Rug Collectors Happily Pay Premium Prices for Signature Rugs?

Well, one more reason is because of the effort that went into creating one.

For example: did you know that some of the rugs on this page can take up to 8 years to make?

Yes, that’s right. 8 YEARS!

Just imagine all the time, energy and attention invested by the weaver..

… to bring a Signature Rug, all the way – from concept-to-completion.

How much would 8 years of your time, energy and attention be worth… to you?

I’m guessing at least 7 figures, right? (maybe even 8

Now, when you look at it like that, even the higher price signature rugs seem ridiculously good value, wouldn’t you agree?

So as you can see, the price you pay for a Signature Rug, pales in comparison to the amount of skill, craftsmanship and time it took to create one.

Which probably leaves you asking only one question…

How can I invest in a Persian Art Masterpiece*

Safely and Easily today?

Well, when you find the right Signature Rug for you. 

And choose it as a superior soft-furnishing for your home OR shrewd investment for the future or BOTH.

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Find the rug you like.
Step 2: Click the ‘add to cart’ button.
Step 3: Proceed to checkout page.
Step 4: Fill out your details and payment info.
Step 5: Click ‘Place Order’ button.
Step 6: Sit back, relax and expect your rug to arrive in 5 business days (when delivered to U.S. residences).

And when you order today…

You’ll receive:

Your personal Certificate of Authenticity – which is our stamp of approval to guarantee your signature rug as 100% genuine and authentic.

Why do you need one?

… You’ll use it for insurance purposes, (to protect your investment), should anything happen to your rug OR if you decide to sell it on for a potential profit.

And, we’ll also throw in under rug padding (for non-slip carpet grip, includes a 10-year warranty) – at no cost to you.

Sounds good so far, right?

Plus: We’re making your investment today RISK-FREE.

Which means you’ll also enjoy…

Free Shipping – so you only pay the price you see on the website.
Free Returns – because if you don’t love it, you can return it, FREE!
And, a 30 day Money back guarantee – so you have plenty of time to decide how it looks and feels at home.

So when you purchase your first or next rug today…

… you’ll instantly possess:

  • a high-end soft-furnishing…
  • an investment with potential upside…
  • an heirloom to pass-down…
  • a unique way to park some cash…
  • AND a Persian Art Masterpiece… (which you’ll either lock away for safe-keeping or display pride of place in your home).

Imagine that… ALL in ONE purchase! 

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

*Now, we know that not everyone can afford to invest at this level – it’s only for the top 10% of the population (who can already see the value in such exquisite and rare, vintage & unique artwork)…

So… maybe this isn’t for you.  Maybe you’re not in a position to act now, and that’s ok. We’ll still have a wonderful selection of Persian and Oriental Rugs for you to consider next time, it’s just that some of these beauties will be gone.


If you’d like to join the Signature Rug Club today and get your hands on the best Persian Rugs money can buy, (before someone else grabs the ones you want), then this is how you can do it.

Good Luck! 


Signature Rug prices are about to go UP here at Catalina…

… and word on the street is, every rug dealer in the land… 

… might be about to do the exact same thing.


Supply & Demand.

You see, Persian Rugs can no longer be imported into the U.S.

And as demand continues…

… inventory (across the 50 states) is slowly, but assuredly… diminishing.

The first rugs to go?

Signature Rugs…

… then Persian hand-knotted…

.. then Oriental hand-knotted…

… then GONE!

Which means this could be a ripe opportunity for a shrewd investor or collector.


Is now a good time to invest in a Signature Rug?  

If you’re considering it, then grab yours soon… before the value of these rugs increase and the prices (potentially) skyrocket!