Why A Rug Checklist Makes Rug Shopping MUCH Easier

When considering which rug to buy, it’s wise to have a purchasing checklist.
Here’s what it might look like:
You’ll probably have specific buying criteria that looks something like the checklist above.

You may have a set budget.

  • Because you’re only prepared to spend a certain amount.
  • Maybe you want the best quality for the least amount of money, so you’re only looking for price reductions or special deals.
  • Or perhaps the history, quality, origin, and age is more critical buying criteria to you, meaning price is merely an afterthought — which by the way, is often the case if you’re considering this purchase as an investment.

Whatever your buying criteria, be sure to make yourself a list and shop appropriately.

And, on any serious rug selling website, you should be able to sort by size, color, design, type, and price.

But you know what makes buying your first or next rug even better?

Get your rug delivered to your home in less than 5 business days for free, with free returns and a 30 day back guarantee, which makes your purchase completely RISK-FREE.


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Next time…

I’ll explain how one of our customers was able to successfully find and purchase a rug using the buying criteria checklist laid out in this email.

Sneak Peek of our Persian Rug Collection

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