🧐 How To Spot The Big 4 🧐

When you’re looking for your ideal rug for your home…

You’ve probably decided it will be 100% hand-knotted…

Because let’s face it, a hand-knotted rug is by far a much superior finish than a machine-made imitation.

But what comes next?

Well, may we suggest: “size”, “origin”, “color”, and “pattern”.

Let’s begin with…

1. Size

Let’s say your rug will be positioned in the center of your room.

Do you want a border – so you can see the wood, tile or concrete floor below?

If you do (and you probably do) you’ll need to measure up your room and then subtract the distance of the desired border from two sides (maybe all 4) and…

Choose your rug based on that calculation.

Make sense? Hope so.

We have a useful article that explains more here.

Plus, we have a little masking-tape trick and handy cheat sheet to show you — to help make things even easier.

See your sizing guide cheat sheet here. (I’ll share these links again at the bottom of this message).

Next up…

2. Origin and Heritage

If you have a specific type of rug in mind, and you like to do lots of research before making an investment in something that could ultimately be in your home for decades – we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a picture of what I mean:

3. Rug Color

Look, even if you don’t have a preference for the type/origin of your rug…

And you don’t want to spend too much time reading up about rug type differences — you’ll certainly be interested in choosing the color.

Now, when choosing the color…

Remember, it’s not just, what you find visually appealing (from a personal taste perspective)…

… it’s also important to consider how your rug will look with what else you have in your room.

For example: you might have a sofa with solid colors, which means you may want to ensure one of the colors on your rug match, so the look and feel of your room stays consistent.

Alternatively, if you have upholstered sofas or chairs, you may opt for a color that is lighter, softer, and more subtle … in order to compliment and color coordinate … your room decor without being too intense.

The other option you have is to choose your rug first and then add other furniture to your room afterwards, this is an especially useful option when redecorating or renovating.

Sneak Peek into Persian Rug Colors

  • Tabriz 9'7" x 12'6"

  • Tabriz 8' x 11'3"

  • Nain 6'7" x 9'8"

Last consideration for today is…

4. Rug Patterns

You see, every rug has a pattern, and every pattern has a name, like: Floral, Geometric, Medallion etc…
Check out some of the pattern styles below:
As you can see, there are a wide array of color choices and patterns.
We hope this message has been useful in helping you understand a little bit more about how to purchase a Perisan or Oriental, 100% Hand-Knotted Rug.

Talk soon,


Catalina Rug, Inc



Right before you make your rug purchase, you’ll want to make sure all boxes are ticked.

In the next message, we’ll show you what that looks like.

See you then.