[CLIFF NOTES] 10 Step Rug Purchasing Guide

If you’ve had the chance to read through your Rug Purchasing Guide…

You’ll know more about rugs than 90% of most other people.

If you didn’t see the 10-step guide yet, here’s a quick recap:

1. Determine The Right Size And Shape For Your Space
2. Check The Quality Of The Rug
3. Don’t Obsess Over the Knot Count
4. Consider The Rug’s Visual Attributes
5. Inspect The Condition Of The Rug
6. Consider The Age Factor
7. Familiarize Yourself With The Lingo
8. Decide Whether You Are Looking For A Decorative Piece Or An Investment
9. Get A Certificate Of Authenticity
10. Don’t Buy A Rug From the First Store You Visit

When you are looking to purchase an Oriental rug it pays to be well informed so that you
can get the rug that’s a perfect fit for your space at a price that’s a good fit for your budget.
OK. So what’s next?
Let’s see… you’re looking for a rug, so you can:
  • Add a little warmth to your hallway or landing.
  • Create the very best fine dining experience at home with a rug under your table and chairs.
  • Fill a blank space with old-world charm and vibrant natural colors.
  • Lift the mood of your biggest room at home and place a rug, front & center as a showpiece.

If that sounds like you, then you might like to check out what’s currently available, simply click this link here to take a look around.

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In my next message, we’ll discuss the “Big 4”.

These are the top four things you simply must get right – before you make your purchase.