3 Values We Live & Breathe

This is our origin story.

(Feel free to disregard this message, but if you’re interested and you’ve got 5 minutes, read on…)

The year is 1998.

Location: Catalina Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

We have a small store serving the entire south bay area.

We import a handful of rugs, and sell what we can…
… to whoever has good taste and a keen eye for detail.

But why rugs?

Well, it was second nature to our founders, Rose & Jeff Shadkam.

Well, it was second nature to our founders, Rose & Jeff Shadkam.

After all, they were born in the heart of rug-weaving country.

Today we know it as Iran but back in the day, when looms were new inventions and carpets were hand-made for the very first time, the place was known as Persia.

Not long after we opened up shop in Catalina Ave., the rugs we were selling began to outshine the competition.

The reason?

Same as today.

Because Jeff, would fly directly into the heart of each rug producing city and hand-pick the supplier.

And, in most cases, hand pick EVERY rug, until he was certain he had sourced the very best rugs money can buy – at a ridiculously good price

… because of course, we were cutting out the middleman and passing the savings onto our customers.

The other reason things started to move in a positive direction for the business is because of the values we built our business around.

1. Provide The Best Customer Support Possible.

We know that customers are the lifeblood of any business, which means we always put you first.

We make ourselves available to you every step of the way, because there’s a lot to consider when making an investment in a rug like this.

And, we are particularly proud to offer you a live-video call with our co-founder Rose, so even if you live out of state, you can still see the detail in the rugs you like – helping you find exactly what you need.

2. Source The Best Rugs Money Can Buy.

We know that when you buy a Persian or Oriental Rug, the chances are that it will be in your family for decades (if not generations).

So we ensure that each and every rug is genuine and authentic (meaning it is what we say it is) and we provide you with a certificate of authenticity for insurance purposes.

And because our co-founder Jeff, hand-picks the selection, you can rest assured, that with his 35 years of experience in this industry (and as a third-generation rug dealer).

The rugs available at Catalina are the closest thing you can get to perfection (when it comes to a hand-made, hand-knotted rug). Of course, not every rug has precision 90-degree angles at the corners, but they’re close.

3. The Price Is The Price (at current market value).

As you know, many rug dealers quote a very high price for each rug, which means you’ll often have to barter.

For us, we didn’t want to approach business like that. Because we believe in transparency.

Meaning the price you see on the label, is the price you pay.

However… we do run special promotions (after all, carpet businesses love a good promotion, don’t they?) – and – our prices are subject to change.


Because Persian and Oriental Rugs are hand-made and unique, meaning they hold their value really, really well.

Put simply, they can actually go up in value (that’s why some people like to buy rugs for investment purposes). So from time-to-time, we review our inventory and adjust prices according to the market demand.

Which is one more reason to grab the rug you like… before it either gets sold to someone else,

(as they are all one-of-a-kind)


before the rug you have your eye on, potentially goes up in price.  (And with the current restrictions on Persian Rug imports, prices can and do rise, and more often than you might think).

So there you have it, that’s how we got our name and the 3 core business principles we live-by.

We do hold other core values dear to our heart, but we’re trying to keep this story to under 5 minutes, so…

By treating our customers respectfully and fairly we were able to grow beyond Catalina Avenue.

Today, we have a large supply of rugs here on U.S. soil, in our own warehouse located in Torrance, CA.

So… if you’re in the Los Angeles area, and you’d like to take your pick of the bunch and see the quality up close & personal, you are more than welcome to book an appointment to come and see them in person.

But it is strictly by appointment only, so please bear that in mind.

We can deliver your rug(s) of choice in as little as 5 business working days to U.S. addresses and a little longer if you’re slightly further afield.

Thank you for your time in reading this message.

We hope that it helps you see we really do pride ourselves in bringing you the most impeccable rugs, at incredible prices.

Rose, Jeff & Shawn Shadkam
Catalina Rug, Inc
Customer Service: 866-254-0599


In 1998 we started Catalina Rug, Inc and we still love what we do.

And, we would love the opportunity to assist you when purchasing your first or next Persian or Oriental Rug.

… and remember, if you live out of town and want to see your rug up close and personal… You can find the ‘Live Video Call’ button on our website.

Simply book your call, and our co-founder Rose, will walk you through all the details and answer all your questions.

We look forward to serving you.

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