Ultimate Persian Rug Size Guide For The Living Room

Estimating the size of rug for your living room can be a mistake. Choosing a rug that is too big or too small for the space can ruin the whole look.

A rug that is too small will do nothing at all to enhance the décor of the room. In fact, it can make the room appear smaller.

A rug that is too large for the available space is just as bad. It can make the room look cluttered and stuffy. It may take a little time to determine the right size of rug for any room but it is well worth the effort when you see the way it instantly uplifts the space.

Decide Where You want To Place The Rug

The first thing you need to do in order to choose the right rug size for the living room is decide where you want to place the rug. Don’t rush into making this decision and don’t just focus on the area where the rug will be placed. 

Explore different placement styles and visualize how the entire space will look using each placement combination. Comparing the different styles will help you make a more informed decision.

Measure The Area Where You Want To Place The Rug

The second thing you need to do is to measure the area where you want to place it. Scroll down for tips on how to measure your space correctly.

First, Decide On Which Placement Style Would Look Best​

This mainly comes down to the size and layout of your living room and the placement of your furniture. Start by taking a closer look at all the elements in the room to determine how and where you want to place your rug for the best effect.

There are several different ways to place a living room rug. Each one will call for a different size of rug. 

Here are a few things to think about when deciding which placement style would look best for your space.

• Will the rug to go only under the coffee table with the couches completely off the rug?
• Will the rug go under the coffee table with the couches partially on the rug?
• Will the furniture go completely on or off the rug?
• Will only the front legs of the couch and chairs go on the rug, with the back legs off the rug?
• Should the rug be large enough to fill the entire room?

Persian Rug pulling the living room together

The Next Step - Determine The Size Of Rug

Once you’ve narrowed down your placement styles, the next step is to determine what size of rug would look best in your chosen style. These size guidelines will help. 

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines. The exact size that will work best for you will depend on the size of your living room as well as the size and placement of the furniture in the room.

6’ x 9’ Rug

A 6’ x 9’ rug is the ideal size if you want to place the rug in the center of the living room under the coffee table only with the couches and chairs completely off the rug.

8’ x 10’ Rug

You will need a slightly larger size if you want to place the rug in the center of the room under the coffee table with the couches and chairs placed partially on the rug.

In this case, only the front legs of the couches and chairs will go on the rug. The hind legs will be off the rug. If you decide to go with this placement, you must be careful to choose a rug with a short pile. With a high pile, the chairs will be unsteady as the front and hind legs will essentially be at two different heights.

Consider a 8’ x 10’ rug with a thin pile for this placement style.

9’ x 12’ Rug

You have two options if you would like to place your couches fully on the rug. One way is to place the couches in such a way that the outer edges of the couches are in line with the outer edges of the rug. In this case, you will need a 9’ x 12’ rug

10’ x 14’ Rug

The second option is to place the rugs a little inside of the border in such a way that leaves a significant portion of the border showing through.

To create a really magnificent look using this arrangement, choose a 10’ x 14’ Oriental rug that has a rich, intricately designed border on all sides.

Like the idea of covering the entire floor area with a rug? Placing a rug that’s large enough to fill the entire floor space can look fantastic but only if you use the right size.

Getting a rug that is the exact fit wall to wall can be a mistake. A rug that fits the space in such a way can end up looking like a badly fitted carpet.

When buying a full-floor rug, you must leave some empty space between the rug edge and the wall. A space of 12” to 18” works best for this rug placement.

Tips For Measuring Your Designated Space Correctly

You’ve decided which rug placement style will look best for your living room and you have a general idea of ideal rug sizes for the different arrangements.

There’s one last thing you need to do before you buy your rug. You need to measure the designated space so you buy the correct size of rug – one that is neither too large nor too small.

You also want to make sure that your chosen arrangement is in fact the best option of all.

Here’s How To Do This:

Start by using masking tape to create an outline on the floor indicating the placement of the rug.

Place your furniture in the same arrangement you will be using with the actual rug.

Take a step back and take another look at the overall arrangement. Do you like the way everything goes together or do you think another arrangement may look better? Maybe you like the look but the rug looks a tad too big or little too small?

Rug Size Guide Cheat Sheet

If you’re not satisfied with the way look, it’s easy to take off the masking tape and outline another arrangement. It may seem tedious to do this but it is far better to take the time and trouble now rather than get stuck with a wrong size rug.

Once you’re happy with the way everything goes together, use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions. 

These measurements will give you the exact size of rug you need to create the perfect look in your living room.

10x14 Peshawar rug in Living room
10 x 14 Peshawar Rug in Living Room
8x10 heriz rug
8 x 10 Heriz Rug in Living Room