Azerbaijan Rugs

Azerbaijan Rugs have carved an impressive reputation for themselves all over the world for their excellent quality and superior artistic value. When you own an Azerbaijan rug you know it will get passed down to several generations without losing any of its bright colors or its beautiful patterns. In fact, if anything, you can consider this rug as a sure investment as they tend to increase in value. Old Azarbaijan rugs have been known to be valued at several times the original buying price.

Facts About Azerbaijan Rugs

Here are some interesting facts about these beautiful rugs.

Azerbaijan rugs are woven in Azerbaijan, a small country in the Caucasus Mountains. This country has a long and rich tradition of weaving rugs with seven distinct rug weaving regions – Tabriz, Shirvan, Qazakh, Quba, Genca, Qarabah and Baku. Each of these regions has its own unique colors, patterns and technology that are typical of that particular region.  The original color schemes and patterns have been carried down from one generation to another for centuries and it remains unchanged till today.

Weave And Pattern

These rugs are 100% hand made with no machines being used at any stage. Even the yarn that is used for weaving is hand-made.

An intriguing fact about Azerbaijan rugs is that the patterns on the rugs are not just randomly chosen and placed. Every rug tells a story. The Azerbaijan weavers who work on the rugs choose to tell their story through the patterns, the colors and the weaves of their creations. Most of the patterns depict the simple, homely lives of the women weavers. Other common patterns represent symbols from ancient times as well as everyday items and things such as birds, flowers, grazing cattle or a flock of sheep, that the weavers would see as they went about their daily tasks.

Common Colors

Some of the more common colors that these rugs feature predominantly are red, blue, cream, green and yellow. Every region has its own distinctive patterns and color palettes that the weavers preferred to use in their creations. You can tell which region each rug originates from just by looking at the patterns created as well as the colors that are used.

Azerbaijan Rugs
Azerbaijan Rug in a Living Room

Material Used

Most rugs coming from this region are made from sheep or lamb wool. Silk is rarely used. one of the main reasons for this is because very little silk is produced in this region and procuring raw silk can be very expensive. There is only one region, called Sheki, that produces silk in the entire region.

With regards to the construction of the rugs, there are two types of Azerbaijan rugs – flat weave and pile weave. The two most popular of the flat weave rugs are “Soumak” and “Kilim”. Both are produced from sheep wool, however, the production process and patterns are completely different.

Some of the rugs produced in these regions are so intricately and delicately woven that many owners choose to use them as wall hangings. As you can see, the effect is absolutely stunning.

A Sneak Peek at Our Azarbaijan Rug Collection

  • Azarbaijan 3'5" x 10'7"

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  • Azarbaijan 4'2" x 12'3"

  • Azarbaijan 3'8" x 15'4"

  • Azarbaijan 3'9" x 14'7"

  • Azarbaijan 2'7" x 10'

  • Azarbaijan 3'9" x 14'2"

  • Azarbaijan 3'1 x 18'11"

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