Abadeh Rugs

Abadeh Persian Rugs

Map showing city of Abadeh in Iran
City of Abadeh in Iran

Abadeh rugs are made exclusively in the city of Abadeh, a city situated on the road between Shiraz and Isfahan in the south of Iran. From a small, little-known town, Abadeh has in recent years grown into an important rug weaving center. While rugs have been woven here for hundreds of years, the creation process has undergone considerable change over time. Weavers now use larger, superior looms, which has resulted in larger rugs of better quality. Today’s Abadeh rugs have a higher knot per square inch knot density, the materials used are better and more advanced techniques have resulted in rugs with straighter sides.

Abadeh Rug Features

Abadeh rugs are woven using bright, bold colors such as flame red and a vivid cobalt blue. The field is usually red and the border is dark blue or black.

Abadeh rug in front of kitchen sink
Abadeh rug with a single
diamond shaped medallion

The most outstanding aspect of an Abadeh rug is its distinctive pattern. All rugs from this region have a single, diamond-shaped medallion in the center that divides the rug into 4 corner-pieces. There are four smaller motifs placed at the four corners with a gul anchoring each of the corner motifs. The central medallion features several stylized geometrical patterns of flowers, birds and animals. These patterns combine a mix of Caucasian and Iranian design elements.

The red field is intricately filled with numerous tiny stylized patterns of trees, stars, flowers, birds, colored polygons, and 4-legged animals. A common pattern that can be seen in several rugs is deer heads with long ornate horns.

Abadeh rug with a Zellol Sultan pattern
Zellol Sultan pattern

Some Abadeh rugs feature the Zellol Sultan pattern. This is a Persian floral design that consists of a repeated motif of a vase of flowers flanked on either side by a pair of birds.

The borders are small in comparison to the field and they consist of a main central band framed by two guards. Woven in strikingly vivid colors, the border of these rugs stands out just by virtue of its background coloration.

Construction Of Abadeh Rugs

These rugs are based on a cotton warp and wool pile. They have a thin, tightly knotted pile which is cut very close so the finished rug is very flat and firm. Because of the tight construction, the finished rug has a dense structure and is more rigid than most other types of Persian rugs. These rugs do not fall well if placed over an object but they make excellent floor coverings and will stay in place without moving. Moreover, they are very durable and will retain their shape and quality for a long time, making them excellent value for money.


A Sneak Peek at Our Abadeh Rug Collection

  • Abadeh 2'9" x 4'1"

  • Abadeh 7'10" x 11'5"

  • Abadeh 2'7" x 3'11"

  • Abadeh Rug 3'3" x 4'9"

    Abadeh 3'3" x 4'9"

  • Abadeh Rug 2'7" x 9'8"

    Abadeh 2'7'' x 9'8''

  • Abadeh 2' x 3'5"

  • Abadeh 2' x 3'4"

  • Abadeh 2'3" x 3'6"

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