3 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Oriental Runner Rug

1. Size – There are two basic measurements you need to take before you buy a runner rug.

Yep, you guessed it. Width and Length.

But measuring the width of your corridor, hallway or landing and the length aren’t the only things to consider, because of course you need to consider the size of the border, from wall to rug.

We recommend leaving at least 6-12 inches of space from the edge of the wall to the edge of your rug, so that should help guide your decision making.

2. Softness – The majority of runner rugs are purchased for high-traffic areas of your home…

So, placing a runner near an entranceway, and using it to protect hardwood floors, or brand new carpets means you’ll want a hard-wearing, long-lasting carpet…

Which is precisely why a 100% hand-knotted persian rug is the perfect choice. Because machine-made rugs lint, fray and wear out quickly…But be aware that some wools are more durable than others…

Which makes them less flexible…

And in a moment we’ll look at the reason why this is an important consideration.

3. Design – There is no hard and fast rule about what design to go with when choosing your first or next Persian Rug Runner…

The only thing we can suggest to you is to keep the colors the same or similar if you want everything to match…

Or to choose light colors to contrast dark walls, and dark colors to make lighter walls brighter, also…

Consider muddy or scruffy feet if placing your runner at an entranceway…

Plus, in our experience, you’ll most likely prefer a smaller, all-over design if using a runner for stairs.

Allover Runner Rugs

  • Tabriz 3'2" x 12'6"

  • Kazak 5' x 14'4"

  • Kashan 3'5" x 13'3"

  • Heriz 3'7" x 15'2"

  • Hamadan 3'6" x 17'


Why Runner Rugs Are The Real Magic Carpet

Every home with a corridor or hallway looks better with a runner rug.

  • Runner rugs powerfully protect new carpets, stone, tile or wood floors in high-traffic areas inside your home…
  • Runner rugs magically make dark narrow hallways, corridors and landings…brighter, more beautiful and more stylish…
  • Runner rugs proactively prevent cold air and draughts from travelling up through old wooden floors, or keep chilly temperatures transferring to your feet from cold surfaces like stone, marble, wood or linoleum…
  • Runner rugs triumphantly turn a bland, uninviting space, into something homely, inviting, cosy and warm!…
  • Runner rugs comfortably connect adjoining or non-adjacent rooms together…
  • Plus, runner rugs luxuriously link your upstairs to downstairs, if you have a traditional wooden staircase.

All of which makes them the perfect addition to your home…

And possibly the quintessential modern day, Magic Carpet!

Sneak Peek Of Our Runner Rugs

  • Tabriz 3'2" x 12'6"

  • Tabriz Rug 2'6" x 12'7"

    Tabriz 2'6" x 12'7"

  • Shiraz 2'8" x 9'7"

  • Mehraban 3'4" x 13'5"

  • Abadeh Rug 2'9" x 9'8"

    Abadeh 2'9" x 9'8"


Especially, when you’re considering a variety of ways in which you can add a touch of style and class…

When you’re designing or redecorating.

Plus, runner rugs also make practical cost-effective improvements to any hallway, landing, or stairwell…

Because if you simply want to refresh the look and feel of a narrow space…use a runner!

And… they’re just as good at defining and breaking up space in larger rooms too.

So, if any of this sounds like what you’ve been thinking about, read on, to discover more about what type of runner rug is right for you…

Browse Our Persian Runners

  • Tabriz 3'2" x 12'6"

  • Hamadan Rug 3'1" x  33'

    Hamadan 3'1" x 33'

  • Bijar 3' x 17'1"

  • Balouchi 2' x 13'11"


How To Choose The Perfect Persian Runner Rug

Now… as we touched on earlier, yes, we want a hard-wearing, long-lasting, durable rug…

And you get that with almost every 100% hand-knotted rug we have in stock…

However, some rugs are a little softer than others, and that’s a good thing when looking for…

Runner Rug for Stairs

Because if you’re looking for a staircase runner, then you’ll want a rug that is slightly more flexible…

…So that it can be contoured and bent to fit the tread and rise on your staircase.

If this is what you’re looking for…

We recommend a Hamadan Rug.

Hamadan Rug

You can pick up a lovely hamadan runner that has a Herati Design (small pattern with allover design) — that is soft, strong and long.

How To Measure Your Stairs For A Runner Rug

To figure out the actual length you would need for a runner rug to cover all the steps on your stairs…

Measure the depth of the stair tread and the height of the riser, then…

Multiply the total by the number of stairs to determine your total runner length.

And of course, remember to measure the width of the steps, and make sure there will be a gap on either side.

Staircase Oriental Runner Rug
Hamadan 3'9
Hamadan 3'9" x 10'8"

Runner Rugs For Long Corridors

If you want a very long rug, then a Karaja Rug could be the perfect choice.

Karaja Rugs

Usually featuring a geometric pattern and most often in colors of Rust / Burnt Orange, Reds, Dark Blues and Cream…

Which makes Karaja Rugs versatile, because…

You have the option to use light colors in a dark corridor / hallway or dark colors in a brighter space.

Karaja Runner Rugs

  • Karaja 3'6" x 16'4"

  • Karaja Rug 3'3" x 14'5"

    Karaja 3'3" x 14'5"

  • Karaja 2'5" X 12'8"

  • Karaja 2'3" x 14'


Runner Rugs For Kitchen

Runner rugs are also the perfect practical addition for kitchens and utility rooms.

A lot of kitchens have wood floors, stone, tile or lino…

Which makes sense, because these types of floors are much easier to clean, but… they can leave a room feeling cold underfoot and a little chilly.

The solution?

Place a small runner in front of a sink, or along the bottom of worktop units, and instantly feel a warm soft surface beneath bare feet, socks and slippers, and…

See a much needed touch of color and character light up the heart and soul of every home, your kitchen!

Think Sarouk Runner Rugs. Or Yelameh Rugs or Bokhara Rugs, as they are very thin and lay perfectly flat on the ground, with a low-pile, making them ideal for a room where you move around on your feet a lot, like a kitchen, rather than a living room.

Runner Rugs For Entranceways

Our favorite runner rug for entrance-ways would be Tabriz, one of the most famous rug styles in the world.

They have almost every color combination you could imagine. See below:

Tabriz Runner Rugs

  • Tabriz 3'3" x 15'9"

  • Tabriz 2'8" x 14'4"

  • Tabriz Rug 2'8" x 12'

    Tabriz 2'8" x 12'

  • Tabriz 2'8" x 11'4"

  • Tabriz 2'6" x 13'3"


Runner Rugs For High-Traffic Areas

Bijar Rugs have you and your floor covered when you want an extremely durable runner for an area in your home with heavy foot fall.

Bijar Runner Rugs

  • Bijar 3'3" x 16'10"

  • Bijar 3'2" x 16'8"

  • Bijar 3' x 17'1"


Persian Rug Runner Style Variations

And here are some more options…

Find Your Perfect Persian Runner Rug Here

  • Yalameh 2'8" x 13'10"

  • Shiraz 2'8" x 9'7"

  • Mehraban 3'4" x 13'5"

  • Mehraban 2'8" x 14'3"

  • Karaja 2'3" x 14'


As you can see there’s a runner rug for every occasion.

We hope you’ve found this article informative, useful and entertaining.

Good luck on your voyage to find your very own Magic “Runner Rug” Carpet!

And if you have any questions, call: 1-866-257-2213.