Tabriz 9'8" x 13'2"
Vault Rug
Tabriz 9'8" x 13'2"
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The Tabriz rug inspired by Sheikh Safi Mausoleum

In the early 1300’s…

A man by the name of Sheikh Safi al-Din rose to prominence in Iran.

Trouble was….

During that time, it was often hit & miss, if a leader would rule with fear, or rule with love.

Fortunately, Sheikh Safi was not only a leader of great knowledge and prowess…

Reports say he was revered by the many thousands of people he led, because he had a special way with words…

… to move & inspire people not with force, but kindness…

Because he was also a Sufi poet.

And as a leader and poet…

… who was also charming and intelligent, was a rare combination.

And so, for his contribution to Sufism, Poetry and the reigning Safavid Dynasty of that era…

A shrine ensemble—was built for him by his son.

Located in a place called Ardabil…

The monument has been described as ‘must-see’, ‘can’t miss’, and an ‘artistic and architectural masterpiece’.

But don’t just their word for it, see it for yourself:

Sheikh Safi Mausoleum in Ardabil
Inside Sheikh Safi Mausoleum

Beautiful, isn’t it?

There are 7 pathways into the shrine room representing the seven stages of Sufi mysticism

And eight gates inside the complex, which mirror the eight attitudes of Sufism.

Over the years, the site was made even more beautiful as it was developed and added to—by the various ruling families.

For example:

Part of the building is now known as “The House of China” because…

… the Emperor of China gave about 1250 pieces of china dishes to one of the Safavid rulers: Shah Abbas

… Who then donated the collection to Sheikh Safi al-Din’s shrine.

In fact, the complex and surrounding areas are so important, to so many people—that they were put on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2010

Which brings us to the rug you see on this page.

You see, this rug was inspired by the one and only Sheikh Safi monument

… By a master weaver by the name of Mr.Mohammad Taghipour.

See, 50-60 years ago, the Taghipour workshop was located in Tabriz, around 200KM from Ardabil, which is just a short 3hr road trip, from the monument.

Which meant, Mr.Taghipour was able to travel to the site for inspiration often.

And as with all Tabriz rugs, the rug on this page is of the highest quality.

With a knot-count of 324KPSI, you know you’re dealing with true class.

What’s more…

The fact that we were able to acquire this rug and get it over to the USA is quite the story.

But really, just another day at the office for our co-founder Jeff.

See, Jeff is our “boots on the ground”, “rug explorer extraordinaire”.

With over 40yrs of experience and trade connections…

…He got the call about this rug, on one of his scouting trips.

(This was of course, before the trade sanctions between Iran and the U.S.).

At the time, he was in Tabriz, one of Jeff’s favorite locations for rug sourcing…

After all, Tabriz Rugs are known worldwide for being one of the best rug types in the world.

But this time, the rug on this page—inspired by the monumental masterpiece of Iranian architecture…

although created in Tabriz—had found its way to Tehran, 600KM and 7hrs drive away.

Undeterred by the distance…

Jeff made his way to the bazaar (i.e. store), now run by one of Mr. Taghipour’s sons.

And what he saw, blew him away.

The floral design, in Red, Green & Beige is outstanding.

Simply Majestic

And mesmerizing.

Something which you can feel when you watch the video.

Obviously, Jeff knew in an instant he had to buy it—immediately.

After all, rugs like these don’t hang around for long.

All you have to do is blink and someone else has usually snagged it for themselves.

Thankfully, Jeff acted swiftly, but…

… to acquire this rug—to purchase it, then import it—and make it available to you, wasn’t cheap.

However, with Jeff’s negotiation skills and good name in the industry…

We got the deal done and if you want it, it’s yours!

This rug is truly remarkable, and if anything, currently underpriced.

Because as you may or may not know, Persian and Oriental rugs are currently experiencing a price surge. Mainly because of the supply & demand curve.

Demand has remained consistent, while supply has gone down, especially in the U.S.

What this means is, very soon this rug will be taken off the shelf, reappraised and repriced…

… Substantially higher. 

So, if you like it, and want to see it in one of your rooms at home or work…

… and if you’d like to grab it for the lowest price it will ever be available…act now.

Please don’t say you weren’t warned. Because the price on this rug is going to be much higher when we get it reappraised in April 2021.

And as always, we are here to answer any questions, by email, phone or so you can book an appointment to view it in person.

Remember: check out the video, because the quality of this rug really does leap through the page. You’re sure to love it just as much as we do. Enjoy!


Additional information

Rug ID:







Hand Knotted


9’8″ x 13’2″

Age :

Aged (50-60 years)

Field Color:


Border Color:


Highlight Colors:

Beige, Green, Red



Knot Density:

Approx. 324 KPSI

Pile Material:

100% Wool

Foundation Material:



Excellent & Washed (Like New)

Pile Thickness:

High Pile 1/2"-5/8"


Taghi Pour

Knotting Time:

953 Days 8577 Hours

In Stock:

One-of-a-kind (Only 1 in stock)

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