Hamadan 9' x 11'6"
Vault Rug
Hamadan 9' x 11'6"
Rug ID: 122588

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Our Price: $15,500

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Introducing Master Weaver: Yousef Zanjani

Yousef Zanjani is rated as one of the world’s best.

The man had impeccable taste…

And very strict standards.

His rugs are tightly-woven with a high-number of knots per square inch…

As the story goes, there were not many weavers with the skill to make such exquisite masterpieces.

In fact, he had to hand-pick and train a “tight knit” bunch of weavers himself…

Just so his vision could be realized.

Quality over Quantity

Unfortunately, there were not many trainees who could meet his exacting standards.

Which is why there are so few of his rugs available today.


They are held close to the chest – by museums and collectors.

Is this “rug at first sight?”

But every now and then, a Zanjani will hit the open market.

And when they do, it doesn’t take long for it to romance the heart of the right person.

Especially since these rugs are known to be quite literally…  age-defying.  

This rug is 80-90 years young and doesn’t look over a day old.

It’s just another tip of the hat to Yousef, and the quality of his creations.

Religious Heritage

How did these rugs make it all the way…

From the hills of Hamadan… 

… into the homes of wealthy families around the world?

Well, as history suggests, these particular rugs were highly sought after by…

Christian and Jewish rug merchants.

They would buy them at source and export them to lands far, far away.   

Which is pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Royal Rugs

It’s the reason why European Kings & Queens from centuries ago were able to have their own exotic rugs in their great halls…

And of course, it’s why you can find Persian Rugs in every corner of the globe.

They truly are a very special and splendid… magic carpet.

Please feel free to take a look around … watch the video … take note of the dimensions and color scheme to see if it would suit one of your rooms at home…

And remember, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Tablet (with an up-to-date ios operating system) – you can see this rug at home, before you purchase using our Augmented Reality – “Try Before You Buy” feature.

Good Luck!


Additional information

Rug ID:







Hand Knotted


9′ x 11’3″

Age :

Aged (80-90 years )

Field Color:


Border Color:


Highlight Colors:

Blue, Green, Peach, Red



Knot Density:

Approx. 256 KPSI

Pile Material:

100% Wool

Foundation Material:



Excellent & Washed (Like New)

Pile Thickness:

Medium Pile 1/3″-3/8″


Yousef Zanjani

Knotting Time:

419 Days 3771 Hours

In Stock:

One-of-a-kind (Only 1 in stock)

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More Information

This is Yousef Zanjani Signed Persian Rug

Learn more about Hamadan Rugs in our Rug Encyclopedia.

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