Bakhtyari 9' x 12'3"
Vault Rug
Bakhtyari 9' x 12'3"
Rug ID: 122553

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Our Price: $25,500

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Masterpiece Bakhtiari Rug

The Bakhtiari Rug on this page “weaves-in” at a staggering 289kpsi

Which places it among the top 10% of all the rugs we’ve ever had in our possession.

In fact, Jeff (our coFounder) acquired this rug from his Uncle…

A prominent Rug Dealer in Iran…

And rumor has it, this rug was likely commissioned as a “Royal Masterpiece” for a home of palatial proportions in the early 20th century.

But now we have it here, on U.S. soil…

And we have to say, it’s causing quite a stir, in a good way…

See, a rug like this with 77 compartments comprising plants, birds, motifs and more is quite the spectacle.

Measuring 9′ x 12’3″ –  it’s a large rug ( or oversize )…usually reserved for extra large living rooms…

It’s the perfect addition for a special room that needs that little extra touch of class.

More about this Beautiful Bakhtiari Rug

Bakhtiari rugs blend tribal and urban styles into a singular aesthetic look and feel, which is rare, because…

Usually, a rug design is influenced-by and woven in the style of one or the other…

Nomadic/tribal OR urban/traditional, but usually, not both…

Yet, this rug fuses both styles… and what’s more, does it successfully.

Plus: The garden design of this rug features a sophisticated composition, full of classical design elements, yet…

Also weaves in symbolism and story, taking the viewer on a journey through each window or compartment.

To be honest…

Words fail to describe the true magnificence of this rug…

Pictures capture its resplendent beauty in part…

Video takes you closer…

And seeing it in-person, can only really do it justice.

Which is why we have a showroom for you to visit.

Rug viewings are by appointment only, and you can book yours – by clicking this link here.

But, if you know what you like when you see it, and…

If you’d like to discuss purchasing this rug right now — then you can do so — by adding this exceptional rug to your shopping cart…and taking it home now…before someone else.

.. Because this rug is a one-of-a-kind rare beauty — and — masterpiece, that won’t be around forever!

Buy now or call 866-257-2213 to have your questions about this rug answered today.


Additional information

Rug ID:







Hand Knotted


9′ X 12’3″

Age :

Aged (80-90 years )

Field Color:


Border Color:


Highlight Colors:

Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Peach, Red, Yellow


Garden design

Knot Density:

Approx. 289 KPSI

Pile Material:

100% Wool

Foundation Material:



Excellent & Washed (Like New)

Pile Thickness:

High Pile 1/2"-5/8"

Knotting Time:

495 Days 4455 Hours

In Stock:

One-of-a-kind (Only 1 in stock)

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