Yellow Rugs

Yellow Persian Rugs

Though Persian Rugs may be known internationally for their stand-out beauty, there are shades of beauty within them that can be recognized as especially captivating. Due to the rarity of the yellow color, Yellow Persian Rugs are slightly unusual, as they tend to feature the color on their borders, rather than as the main color.

Historically, Kashan and Tabriz were known for imbuing this pigment, mixing colors with some Zafaran and Marigolds to create a standout look.

How to brighten your room with a warm, welcoming Yellow Persian Oriental Rug

The exciting part of designing a room with a Persian Rug is just how you can use the bright color to make a statement. Far from a reserved, muted shade like a grey or a beige, yellow is an accent color that draws the eye, creating focal points around the room.

Even when your room is painted with a neutral color, just having yellow around will lend to a more cheerful aspect. It is an energetic and optimistic color, and in addition to livening up a living room, these Yellow Oriental Rugs could benefit spaces that are more closed-off or lacking in natural light, like closets, dens, or hallways.

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