8 x 10 Wool Rugs

8 x 10 Wool Persian Rugs

Upgrade your living space with 8 x 10 Persian wool rugs, the perfect size for various rooms in your home. 

The larger dimensions of 8×10 Persian wool rugs provide ample space to create intricate designs, allowing weavers to incorporate patterns in various colors.

Placing an 8×10 Sarouk rug into the living room can accommodate 85″ or 90″ wide sofas for an eye-catching and cohesive look. The size is also large enough to cover most queen mattresses' entire length and width, providing a stylish foundation for your bedroom. The extra space on the rug's sides creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

And if you are looking for a Perian rug that fits perfectly under your 6-seater dining table? Consider an 8 x 10 Persian wool rug. It provides ample space for your dining chairs to move freely and ensure that all guests have a comfortable seating arrangement.