8 x 10 Tabriz

8 x 10 Tabriz Rugs

Persian rugs are known for their intricate patterns, which often include corner medallions, geometric designs, as well as scenes of hunting, flowers, palm trees, and vases. These patterns are woven into the rug including the 8' x 10’ Tabriz rugs, allowing for plenty of space for the weavers to create these designs. 

Tabriz rugs can add a pop of color and warmth to a living room, however, if only the front legs of the furniture are placed on the rug, it may feel unsteady due to the height difference. In this case, a Tabriz rug with an 8’ x 10’ Tabriz rug with a thin pile might be a better choice. This size is also suitable for use under a 6-seat rectangular dining set in a dining room. 

The colors of 8' x 10' Tabriz rugs are diverse, ranging from copper tones, ivory, burgundy, and terracotta, to various shades of blue and touches of gold, green, tan, and salmon.