Pictorial Persian Rugs

Pictorial Persian Rugs

So now let’s go over pictorial design rugs. So pictorial design, I think is one of the most over the top examples of the skills and the talent of master weavers and what they can really do when they have the determination to create some of the most finest and more, most detailed types of rugs.

So these types of rugs are going to be made by master weavers inside workshops.

And typically they’re gonna come from four different cities. So you’re gonna find this a lot from Tabriz, Kashan, Sarouk, and Isfahan those four cities have the, the workshops to create these types of rugs.

And what you’re gonna see is that they’re gonna represent a lot of landscape scenery. You’re gonna see different historical figures, different places, and important figures going back in time.

So these types of Persian rugs when it comes to there designs, there overall composition, it would really compare to traditional arts. And there are definitely, I would say again, one of the over the top examples of what the master weavers can do.