Antique Kashan

Antique Kashan rugs

Antique Kashan rugs from 13th to 18th Centuries are usually museum quality antique Persian rugs. And any Kashan rug from the 19th century is considered antique. Another period that Kashan rugs were made is from 1870 to 1940 which are also considered antique.

A very famous type of antique Kashan rug is called Mola Hassan. Made by signature workshop form Mola Hassan.

Another famous type of antique Kashan is called Debir Kashan. Their production started from the year 1900. Other workshops from this period include Mohtasham and Ataee. Both are known for weaving fine Kashan rugs.

Antique Kashan rugs with more curvilinear and floral pattern started from 1890. A famous type of design seen in antique Kashan is called Shah Abasi, which is a type of floral design inspired by designs from the Safavid dynasty.

Today many of the Antique Kashan rugs that exist are 5 x 7 or smaller sizes.