Fine Ziegler Rugs

also known as OUSHAK RUGS

One-of-a-Kind and 100% Hand-Knotted

Ziegler rugs refer to rugs that are made using a particular weaving style and feature a distinctive design style that sets them apart from most other types of rugs.

These rugs are sometimes referred to as Peshawar rugs or Oushak Rugs because of similar characteristics between the two. Or they may also be referred to as Chobi rugs because of their wood-like coloration, which is a common feature of both.

Unlike most other types of Oriental rugs, they are not named after the place where they are made or the tribe that makes them.

Where Do Ziegler Rugs Come From

Like everything else about these rugs, Ziegler rugs have an interesting origin. They were first introduced back in 1883 by Ziegler and Co. a German company based in Manchester, England. Ziegler and Co. conceptualized the patterns and the softer color palettes that they wanted to use in the designs.

Fine Ziegler rugs in different style homes.
Ziegler Rug
Ziegler Rugs Are Also Known As Peshawar Or Chobi Rugs.

The designs and colors were specifically chosen keeping in mind the tastes and trends prevalent in the west. Their vision was brought to life using highly skilled and reputed designers and master weavers, primarily from Iran and other European countries.

Zeigler and Co. took their design inspiration from the Sultanabad design but made significant variations to the basic design so it looked completely unique. They further distinguished their patterns from the original with the use of muted and neutral color schemes. The result was a one-of-a-kind design and color combination that was perfectly suited to western tastes and looked great in both, traditional as well as modern settings.

Ziegler rugs were first woven only in the Arak province but are now manufactured in Afghanistan and across the Persian region. There is a subtle difference between the older and newer rugs though. 

Although the new pieces are called Ziegler rugs because they conform to the style and colors of the original, only a few are actually produced by Ziegler and Co. The others are manufactured in other regions, mainly Afghanistan and Iran.

Materials And Weaving Techniques Used

Ziegler rugs typically have a wool pile woven onto a cotton foundation. The wool used is imported and always of the highest quality, which gives these rugs their distinctive smooth, satiny finish and a lustrous looks. Silk is sometimes used to add a touch of sophistication and extravagance to the finished look.

Ziegler rugs have a very high knot count, which is another factor that contributes to their superior design quality and famed durability. The rugs are woven using Persian knots and Mori knots.

Ziegler Rug
Ziegler Rugs Are Woven Using Persian Knots And Mori Knots.

Colors Of Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler Rug
Light Shades Of Beige And Ivory Are Predominant Colors Of Ziegler Rugs.

The colors used in Ziegler rugs is yet another factor that sets these rugs apart from most other types of hand-made rugs. Light shades of beige and ivory form the predominant color scheme across the rug.
Darker hues of blue, brown, red, and yellow are usually used in the background to offset the lighter-colored patterns. The soft colored patterns against the deep colored background creates an eye-catching, electrifying effect that’s impossible to ignore.

The colors used are all natural. The dyes are obtained from the roots, stems, leaves and bark of various plants and other vegetation found in the region. The plant parts are carefully selected so that various shades of brown and beige can be obtained resulting in the famed wood-like coloration. As we mentioned earlier, that’s why these rugs are also called Chobi rugs. Chobi is a Farsi word that translates to ‘wood-like coloration’.


After completion, some rugs are left under the sun for several days in a process known as stone washing. This is done to soften the colors of the rug. On completion of the stone washing process, the rug acquires a beautiful soft unique finish that is much in demand in the west.

Designs Of Ziegler Rugs

Floral designs are a hallmark feature of Ziegler rugs. What’s amazing is the endless variations that weavers achieve by their deft placements and arrangements of floral motifs in different size. No two rugs will ever have the same floral pattern in the same arrangement or color scheme.

These rugs typically feature a field made up of small, highly detailed floral motifs in beautiful arrangements and adorned with an assortment of circular and curvilinear designs. The field is framed by a very broad border, which is filled with an elaborate, dense design. The broad border framing the delicate field gives Ziegler rugs their characteristic regal, sophisticated look.

Oushak 6'2'' x 9'8''
Blue Field Ziegler with Premium Ghazni Wool Pile

Oushak Design

When talking about Ziegler rugs, special mention must be made of the Oushak design. Many Ziegler rugs feature the Oushak design, which is based on small-sized floral patterns, sprays of vines and an assortment of palmettes scattered across the field.

These designs are known for their elegance and sophistication. There are similarities between the two even in the materials used, the color palette, and the finish of the rugs. Oushak designs use various shades of beige, ivory, terracotta, cinnamon, and other wood colors.

Ziegler Rug
Ziegler Rugs Feature Oushak Design.

Available Sizes Of Ziegler Rugs

Earlier Ziegler rugs are usually available in smaller sizes in the region of about 3’x5’. However, the newer rugs are considerably larger, with the most popular sizes being 8’x10’ and 9’x12’. This change is attributed mainly to the relatively new advancements that have been made in production technology. This allows for the manufacture of larger sizes, which are more in demand by home owners as well as collectors.

Why Ziegler Rugs Are The Most Sought After Handmade Rugs In The UK

The United Kingdom has always been partial to floral designs and softer colors. Rug buyers from this region also tend to favor hand-made rugs that originate from the European region itself.

Another important factor for UK buyers is high quality. They never compromise on quality and are known never to settle for second best.

Ziegler rugs meet all of these criteria. Their floral designs, soft, warm colors, exceptionally high quality, and European origin are what make them the most sought after handmade rugs in the UK.