Red Rugs

Red Colors commonly found in Mashad, Sarouk and Tabriz Persian Rugs

There is perhaps no more iconic color for a Persian rug than red. Bold, beautiful works of art, these red Persian rugs showcase the best of the creativity and craftsmanship that go into each hand-knotted rug. These red colors – based on vegetable dyes – provide an all-natural addition to your home.

You’ll find that each region of rug makers finds a new way to accentuate the natural beauty of red Oriental rugs. Traditionally, you can find more of a Burgundy red by searching for Mashad rugs. If you are more interested in an orange-red, you’ll be well served with a Sarouk rug. The Tabriz rugs showcase a wide variety of reds in their designs, too.

Energy and Feeling Created by Red, Orange and Yellow Color Oriental Rugs

Because of the boldness of red Persian and oriental rugs, having the opportunity to place one in your home can be very inspiring. One way to use these designs is to consider how warm colors like red, orange and yellow have innate energy that can bring a large room together, even making it feel intimate.

You can help a red Persian rug fit in your home by matching it with an equally bold wall, particularly with another deep, warm hue. Red Persian and Oriental rugs also work as the centerpiece of the room, playing well off of neutral furniture with wall accessories that were picked to match.