Green Rugs

Green is a Popular Color for Persian Rugs

One of the more popular colors to be used in weaving Persian Rugs is green. The vibrancy that comes with Green Persian Oriental Rugs allows access to different hues, like olive, forest green, pistachio green, and even turquoise.

Able to be used as the central color to fill the rug as well as the borders, the diversity of options keeps master weavers discovering new ways to tell stories through the different shades. When one considers the number of natural elements that a rug delivers, it’s no surprise to see pops of green showing up as flowers, leaves, or trees.

Combination of Green Colors in Oriental Rugs

When choosing a Persian Rug for a room, color is one of the most important considerations after the rug’s size. While you will find shades of green that fit in alongside a variety of modern styling possibilities, it may require more planning than if you were choosing a subtler rug shade, like beige.

That planning can be to your benefit, as these natural elements may lead to a more lively room design, spark more interesting conversations with your guests, and bring more visual interest to the entire space. These Green Persian Oriental Rugs are a beautiful way to showcase the history and craftsmanship of Persian rugs in your home.