Red Bokhara

Red Bokhara Rugs

If you're looking for a rug that packs a punch, you can't go wrong with a red Bokhara rug. Their deep, rich red color, symbolizes passion, energy, and warmth that easily blends a modern or traditional interior.

Of course, choosing the right rug size is just as important as choosing the right style. If you're looking for a rug for a high-traffic area like a living room or entrance, a 4 x 6 red Bokhara rug is a great choice. It's big enough to make an impact but not so big that it overwhelms the space.

You'll never go wrong with a red Bokhara runner for the hallway or stairs. These runners come in sizes ranging from 3' x 8' to 3' x 20', so you can find the perfect size for your space. Not only do these runners add warmth and personality to your home, but they also protect your floors from wear and tear.