7 x 10 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

7 x 10 Persian and Oriental Rugs

7 x 10 Persian and Oriental rugs are that perfect size that can be used in large living rooms as well as in living rooms that are slightly smaller in size. With Persian rugs of this size, there are numerous decorating possibilities depending on the outcome you are looking for. A light colored Sarouk can make a smaller room look larger in size whereas a darker, heavily patterned Bakhtari rug can add much needed drama in an otherwise sparsely furnished large room.

7 x 10 Persian and Oriental rugs come in an endless palette of colors, patterns and motifs so you can always be sure to find just the right combination that goes with your current décor. Colors you can choose range from light oranges, beiges, greens and blues to dark reds, maroons, browns and more.

Some 7 x 10 Persian and Oriental rugs feature patterns that are delicate and intricate and scattered all over the surface of the rug whereas others feature big, bold motifs woven across the border or placed geometrically across the field of the rug.

Whichever room you choose to place your 7 x 10 Persian and Oriental rug, no one can miss the impact these beautiful pieces can make to your overall décor. Place it under your coffee table in the living room, in the foyer at the entrance, at the side of your bed in the bedroom or in your study and see how it transforms the look of the entire room!