4 x 5 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

4 x 5 Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

4×5 Persian rugs come in an incredible array of styles, colors and designs. The size of the rug is just large enough to let the weaver’s creativity run free without cramping their style.

Take a look at the selection of Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs at Catalina rug and you’ll be amazed at the endless variety of styles that are on display. You can find all types of Persian rugs in this particular size. The best type of rug for you will depend on the look you are hoping to achieve.

Traditional 4×5 Persian rugs are a great choice if you are looking to add a touch of sophistication and style to your space. However, tribal or village 4×5 Persian rugs may be the better option if you want to add a splash of color to the room while keeping it looking casual and comfortable.

Best Spaces To Place A 4×5 Oriental Rug

4×5 Persian rugs are some of the most versatile rugs you can find, not just in terms of the styles available but also in terms of where they can be placed.

Their size makes them a great choice for placing under the coffee table or a side table in the living room. They are also just the right size to create an impact without overwhelming the space in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

If you like the idea of placing a rug near the front entrance but do not want to place a long runner, you’ll find that a 4×5 Persian rug is a perfect fit.