3 x 5 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

3 x 5 Persian and Oriental Rugs

When you are looking for floor covering that is neither too big nor too small, 3 x 5 Persian and Oriental rugs fit the bill perfectly. With their elaborate patterns and intricate motifs, 3 x 5 Persian and Oriental rugs add fabulous flair to any setting.

These beautiful pieces come in a vast array of color combinations and designs so you are sure to find something that will add perfectly to the color theme you would like to incorporate in any room.

A dark, richly patterned 3 x 5 Malayer or Sarouk rug will look majestic when laid on a lighter colored flooring but if your room is already decorated with plenty of dark-colored furnishings, a lighter colored 3 x 5 Peshawar rug may be a better option.

3 x 5 Persian and Oriental rugs are the perfect solution when you want to add some color and drama in places such as the kitchen floor where it may be impractical to use larger sized rugs. They will also do much to add to the welcoming atmosphere when placed at the entrance in the foyer.

You will find endless design options when you are looking for 3 x 5 Persian and Oriental rugs. Depending on your existing d├ęcor theme, you can easily complement it with dynamically designed 3 x 5 Persian and Oriental rugs featuring intricate leaves and palmettes or bold geometric designs.