3 x 3 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

3 x 3 Persian & Oriental Rugs

3 x 3 Persian rugs and Oriental Rugs may be small but they make a a great impact on your environment. Imagine the many ways you could decorate any room with an elaborately designed rug in a size this small.

With their small size, you can place a these Persian rugs in almost any place in your home. It can be placed to add a pop of color in an empty corner of the room or as a filler in a bare spot in the center of the room. You can find 3 x 3 Persian and Oriental rugs in a wide range of colors including red, blue, orange, green and beige.

It is also the perfect solution to cover up a crack or imperfection in your flooring. Or turning a boring corner of your room into an exciting display of floor are.