11 x 14 Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs

Best Place To Put Your 11 x 14 Persian Rugs

A large Persian Rug is a fabulous addition to any room. Here are a few ideas for the best place to place your 11 x 14 Persian rug.

Large Living Room

With an 11 x 14 Persian rug, you will be able to accommodate all of your living room furniture fully on the rug to create a look that is absolutely majestic.

10 Chairs Dining Table

When placing a rug under your dining table, it’s important the hind legs of the chairs sit fully on the rug when pulled out to prevent the edges from getting frayed prematurely. An 11 x 14 Persian rug is large enough to meet this criteria for most dining tables with 10 chairs.

King Sized Bed

An 11 x 14 Persian rug will have enough space at the sides to provide a soft landing for your feet when you get out of bed.

Large Office

A large rug is an easy way to add some flair and vibe to an otherwise very functional space. The exact spot to lay your rug will depend on the size of the space and the layout of your office furniture.

Get Creative By Layering Small Oriental Rug With 11 X 14 Persian Rug

While an 11 x 14 Persian rug looks magnificent by itself, you can give it yet another dimension by placing a small Oriental rug on top of it. Experimenting with the placement of the top rug is a great way to showcase your creativity while still retaining the charm and beauty of both rugs.