Why You Should Invest In High-Quality Oriental Rugs

Much like other classic pieces of art, a high-quality Oriental rug is an investment piece that may well outlast several generations. When purchased as new pieces, some people may find their initial cost somewhat prohibitive, but what you should consider is that these are investments that pay for themselves in a few years’ time and may be used by an entire family for generations.

Why You Should Invest In High-Quality Oriental Rugs

These pieces are an investment because of the time and effort put into them by artisans and weavers who use their talents to make one-of-a-kind pieces that buyers enjoy for generations. Oriental rugs are a worthy investment not only for the warmth they provide but the durability and color they bring to a home.

So how do you determine that a rug is of a high quality? We’ve put together five features you should take a look at.

5 Indicators of a High-End Oriental Rug

Weaving Technique

Hand-woven and artisanal rugs are worth more than machine-woven, simply because an artist has made the rug by hand. Creative license, time, and materials are figured into this cost as well, but a hand-woven rug is more than just a rug – it is a piece of art. Weavers tell a story through the designs they incorporate in the rug, which is what makes each one so unique.


All-natural materials like silk, wool, and cotton are more durable and wear better than their synthetic counterparts. Silk gives off warmth and sheen as the fibers age, and wool is one of the most durable materials. Silk and wool age better than synthetics with no pilling, fading colors, or frayed ends when they are properly taken care of.


The kind of dyes used to color the rug material should be durable and environmentally friendly. Many antique Oriental rugs were not only hand-woven, but also use local, plant-based dyes for the coloring process. Plant dyes age well when they are properly maintained, and many antique Oriental rugs are just as beautiful today as they were when first woven. Synthetic dyes tend to fade fast and don’t look as good as they age. Plant-based dyes may take on more muted tones over time, but this often takes decades to occur.

Pile Length

Oriental rugs have intricate designs with a multitude of colors that are more suited to short piles that show off the intricacies of design, color, and patterns. The tighter and smaller the pile, the more the design can not only be seen but will pop against your existing décor.


Antique rugs in nearly excellent or excellent condition increase their worth as they age. This is true of any piece of antique furniture or jewelry, but it is especially true for Oriental rugs. Many antiques are one-of-a-kind, hand-made works of art that cannot be reproduced with machine techniques, and the aging process of materials and the condition they are in are often a testament to an Oriental rug’s durability and history.

If you find an antique rug you fall in love with purchase it! Not only will you love seeing it in your home but you also know that it is a worthy investment.