Why Wool Oriental Rugs Are Best For Wet, Spill-Prone Areas

Some areas of a home are more prone to dampness due to liquids splashing and spilling. Two rooms that come to mind instantly are the kitchen and bathroom. Then there are also the dining room and children’s play.

Fortunately, the dampness does not have to prevent you from placing rugs in these areas. What you have to be careful about, however, is choosing the right type of rug.

Persistent dampness can damage the fibers of the more delicate types of rugs. When placing a rug in a damp-prone area, wool is the best material to use because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effective properties. Wool allows spills to be cleaned quickly and keeps your home warm and comfortable. Wool also wicks away water and keeps moisture at bay.

Why Wool Oriental rugs best for wet, spill-prone area

Durability Of Wool Oriental Rugs

Wool is an extremely durable fabric. It doesn’t soak up water quickly, making it ideal to catch spills and moisture before they set. Wool has “memory” so your rug will never pull itself out of shape. Rugs made from synthetics, blends, and plant fibers tend to lose their shape more easily, whether it is from spills or even from regular wear and tear.

Wool, The Easiest Rug Material To Clean

Anyone who has ever accidentally spilled something onto a silk rug knows how difficult it can be to clean. Unless you’re fast with blotting and water, the stain can set and ruin an otherwise perfect rug. The same is true of synthetics. Sure, the spill may come out eventually, but there may be a tell-tale “ring” where it was.

Because wool often contains lanolin, even after the scrubbing process, stains can be easily blotted or wiped up, and sometimes just a little bit of extra care is needed to remove a stain entirely. Though some people may not choose to place an Oriental rug where children and pets tend to play, the easy-care material of wool makes this material ideal for playtime and impromptu naptime. Wool rugs can handle just about anything, from pet hair to spilled juice to water. Stains don’t absorb as easily or as quickly as they would with silk, cotton or synthetics.

Where To Place Wool Rugs

Wool Oriental rugs can be placed just about anywhere in your home – the bathroom, the kitchen, and even in an entry-way. Wool fibers allow for more air circulation than silk or synthetics and wool rugs can absorb an amazing amount of moisture. This not only allows for water to be absorbed quickly, but it also allows the rug to dry and keep your entire home warm and cozy. A wool rug would be a nice focal piece in a kitchen or bathroom near a sink, as the wool will absorb moisture and keep chills at bay.

Some of the most beautiful Oriental rugs are made of wool, and the variations in color that wool can take are breathtaking. Hand-knotted wool rugs can be both intricate and durable, and the rug may even outlast you, making it an heirloom the family can cherish for generations.