Why Kilim Rugs Are The Preferred Hand-Knotted Rug For Budget-Conscious Home Owners

Kilims are a special type of pile-less Oriental rug that are hand-woven using a flat weaving technique. These rugs are hugely popular all over the world for their exotic patterns, attractive colors and their flat weave look that lends itself particularly well to the minimalistic look. The best part? Kilim rugs cost significantly less than other types of hand-knotted rugs.

How It’s Made

The most distinctive feature of kilim rugs is their flat  weave.

The most distinctive feature of kilim rugs is their flat weave. This is achieved using a couple of unique techniques that are different from the knotting techniques used to product other types of Oriental rugs.

To create that flat-weave look, the weaver interlocks the latitudinal yarn or weft through the longitudinal yarn or the warp. Unlike other rugs where the weaver creates each knot by hand one at a time, the weaver uses a special type of loom to weave a kilim. This weaving technique produces a rug that is identical on both sides.

Design And Motif

Kilims typically have bold but simple geometric patterns. One aspect that’s interesting about these designs and motifs is that they are not randomly chosen. Kilim weaving is an art form that’s passed down through the generations. Along with teaching the next generation about the techniques, older kilim weavers also taught them the language of the rugs and how to communicate their message and their story through their designs. Every motif, every pattern is carefully chosen and has a meaning behind it. The overall pattern in any kilim represents the culture of the weaver and their history.

How To Recognize A High Quality Kilim Rug

Of course, as with any other type of Oriental rug, when you’re looking for a kilim rug, you want to make sure you are buying a high quality piece that will look for years to come.

Start by shopping at a reputable dealer who only gets their rugs from directly from the source so there is no chance of you getting a spurious piece.

When you’ve found a rug with a design you like and one that will complement your décor, spend some time taking a closer look before you buy it. Here are a few things you should check:

  • The material used – The best quality kilims are made from wool or cotton. Sometimes goat’s hair maybe used depending on the region where the piece originated from. A high quality rug will not have any synthetic material at all.
  • The colors – Only natural dyes are used to color the raw materials used. In a high quality kilim, the colors may look slightly uneven and may look faded in some places. That is in fact a sign that the dye used is all natural.
  • The weave – The weave will be even in a high quality kilim. Take a look at the underside of the rug. It should look the same as the top of the rug.

Why Kilim Rugs Are Perfect For Decorating Within A Budget

Beautiful, colorful, and all-natural, kilim rugs make a wonderful addition to your home. They complement any type of décor and are perfect for a homeowner looking for a rug that is environmentally friendly and complements their minimalistic décor. And because they are cheaper than other types of Oriental rugs, they are perfect for decorating within a budget.


Start shopping for Kilim rugs below. 

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