Why Buy Oriental Rugs Online

Today, we buy just about everything online, from low-priced pen drives and household accessories to top of the line gadgets and gourmet goods.

Yet despite the overall familiarity with online shopping, some people still feel a tad uncomfortable at the thought of buying certain items such as oriental rugs over the internet.

The reasons for this could vary. Some may hesitate because they worry that the rug they get looks nothing like the one they chose or perhaps the colors are quite different from the pictures posted on the site. Others may be concerned about the quality of the rug and whether or not it is a genuinely Oriental piece.

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Beautiful Persian Rugs‎ online

The truth is, these fears are completely unjustified and in fact, there are several reasons why it is so much better to buy oriental rugs online. It seems that more and more people are realizing this as it has been observed that online sales of Oriental rugs have increased considerably in the last few years.

Wider Selection Online

There’s absolutely no denying this. Online stores carry a much larger inventory as compared to conventional brick and mortar rug stores. When you walk into a rug store, you can only choose from the rugs that are in the show room. However, you will not be able to get a look at the rugs that are lying stored in the warehouse simply because of lack of display space.

It would be a shame if you missed out on a spectacular piece simply because it did not happen to be on display in the showroom.

On the other hand, when you check out any online  Oriental rug website, you can browse through all of the rugs they have in stock. There is no question of restricting your choices only to those pieces that are displayed in the showroom. The entire site acts as a showroom.

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Better Prices Online

When it comes to prices too, shopping Oriental  rugs online offers several advantages. Do a little comparison shopping between prices online and prices in traditional stores for similar pieces and you will find that more often than not, online prices will be much lower. The reason for this is simple.

For traditional store owners to be able to stock and display all of the rugs that they have for sale, they would need to have a gigantic store. This means they would either have to pay a huge rent every month or they would have had to make a considerable down payment to buy the amount of shop space that they would need.

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Whether the store is bought or rented, there would be several ongoing expenses such as utility consumption, sales staff salaries, regular maintenance and others. The only way the store owner can make up for all of these expenses is by passing on the extra cost to the buyer, so you end up paying an inflated price.

Compare this with an online store owner who has no physical store and so has no major initial investment and no expensive monthly outgoings either. The only investment would be the cost of setting up the website and a lower expense for their warehouse compared to a front store and showroom.

With lowers monthly outgoings to take care of, online rug store owners are more than happy to mark their rugs at much lower prices to attract more customers. A win-win situation for the buyer and the seller.

More Time To View Selection

If you’ve ever actually gone rug shopping the old fashioned way, you would know how time consuming that can get especially if you add the time it took you to get to the store and back. And if you decided to visit more than one shop, the total amount of time you spend just traveling can add up tremendously, which would give you less time to spend actually shopping.

Should you try and visit 2, 3 or more rug shops in one day or should you spread you’re shopping trip over a couple of weekends? Either ways you are going to be wasting a whole lot of time.

Buy Oriental rugs online, on the other hand is the ultimate experience in convenience. All you have to do is switch on your computer and start browsing. You don’t even need to get out of bed. You can spend as much or little time as you want browsing various online stores.

Most sites make it easy for you to save your preferences to a wish list so you can resume browsing the next day right from where you left off.

Buy Oriental rugs online
Buy Oriental rugs online

Home Delivery

Imagine you did find a beautiful large Oriental rug for your living room from a regular store.

The next question would be – If the store you bought it from does offer home delivery services, if not, how are you going to transport it home? A rolled up large carpet may fit into a minivan or a large family vehicle but it may be too large for a smaller vehicle.

Buying Oriental rugs online offers a distinct advantage in this aspect too. Once you’ve made your choice and make the payment, the online store will wrap up the rug to protect it from getting damaged while being transported and the rug will be then couriered to your doorstep.

That’s one thing less for you to worry about. When you buy an oriental rug online, you just unwrap it and place it anywhere you want. Most online rug stores also provide full insurance for each shipment, so that there is minimum risk if a package is lost or damaged. This rarely happens but it’s just nice to know that it will all be taken care of just in case.


Yes, most online rug stores have a return policy so if are disappointed for any reason whatsoever, you can simply return it and get your money back. Of course it’s recommend to purchase from a reputable online rug store so you can trust them to honor their return policy.

It’s also very useful to read their customer reviews to find out if their existing clients were able to return or exchange their rugs without any hassle.

Check out this article on Tips For Buying An Oriental Rug Online for guidelines on how to go about your online purchase.