Things to Factor in When Choosing an Oriental or Persian Rug

When selecting a Persian or oriental rug, there are a number of things you will have to consider to make the right selection.  Persian rugs are available in many patterns, designs, colors, cities of origin, qualities and shapes, most reflect the rich Persian culture, artwork and society.  However, not all handmade Persian rugs are patterned or richly decorated, there are some plain Persian rugs if you are looking for something plain.  Oriental rugs are hand made from local materials such as silk, cotton, wool and goat fur but there are others that are made from other industrial materials and may even be machine made.

Always buy an oriental rug from a reputed seller, be careful because there are high chances that you may be duped into buying a fake rug.  You will have to take time in choosing the place to buy the rug first and carry out research to be certain that the retailer is experienced in the field and stocks a wide variety of area oriental rugs from different countries in the east.  Another advantage of buying from a reputed area rug seller is that you will be able to return or change the rug in case you get it and it is damaged or you wish to have one with different patterns or colors.

You must never compromise on the quality of oriental rugs you go for.  Even if you find a local store or an internet retailer offering huge discounts or clearance sales offers, you must take time to check the quality of the rug and ensure that it is handmade before making a purchase.  Oriental and Persian handmade rugs are usually thick and woven artfully, the fabric being soft to the tough and the pattern often having a few mishaps because they are handmade.  I am sure that since you have decided to by a Persian rug, you will want something whose quality increases with time; this can only happen with genuine handmade rugs.

When buying an oriental rug, make sure that you go for one that fits the room you want to place in exactly, or a little smaller.  Avoid buying rugs too big for a room because you cannot trim the ends of the rug or tuck them in.  Know the size of the room you plan to place the rug on and have the description and the measurements at hand while shopping for an oriental rug to avoid making costly mistakes.