The Rug Makes the Room

Some more home decorating advice this week focused on area rugs: this one from The Lowell Sun. The article offers a brief primer on the many advantages of choosing area rugs, such as colorful Persian rugs, to complete the look of any room. The writer has this to say about the perennial dilemma about how to fill out a living room area:

Although bare wood floors do make a space look larger, the warmth, beauty and design of an area rug can solve many decorating dilemmas. The area rug is generally used to ground the seating area in a room.

The advantages to choosing a great rug are manifold, including aesthetic appeal, more comfortable walking, long-lasting colors, and of course the gentle muffling effect that can make a loud space feel more intimate.

Plus this:

An area rug can be seen as a piece of art, can promote conversation and can add color and style to any space. An area rug can be the most important piece in a furnished room.

Those of us at Catalina Rug applaud the growing trend toward considering the rug an artistic centerpiece rather than an afterthought. Whimsical exhibits such as this one only underscore the point that rugs are art, and that sometimes the perfect centerpiece can elevate everything else in the room.

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