The Coming Surge in Contemporary Rugs

I have written before about why contemporary Gabbeh rugs are on the rise-simple, startling palettes and unexpected patterns make these artworks a genuine craze. Now even more voices are joining the chorus in favor of these modern masterpieces, including a number of my fellow rug sellers. One recent article put it succinctly:

Rugs with a contemporary vibe, obvious tribal designs and grasses giving a strong nod to nature are proving their popularity at a wide range of price points, local rug dealers say.

While some still prefer rugs with formal, traditional designs, they are not what is speaking to most people these days. And many are being drawn to brighter colors.

Colors are just some of the special assets that make these rugs unique. Many of the best contemporary rugs also use spare designs and uncommon materials, and some of the most popular Gabbehs break all the rules with asymmetric symbols and shapes.

Handmade rugs have been an artisanal craft for many centuries, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot improve and improvise on the masters. The only important question is how your new rug makes you feel; as one merchant put it in the article, “People decorating with rugs in all price points are choosing what makes them feel good from the perspectives of color, comfort and style.”

This is a trending category and an exciting time for modern carpets. Take a look at our collection of fine contemporary Gabbeh rugs here to learn more about how you can complete your home in style.

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