Is Your Silk Rug Real Or Fake
Is Your Silk Rug Real Or Fake

Silk rugs have a certain regal, classy look that you will very rarely if ever find in rugs made of any other material. They look absolutely gorgeous in any setting and instantly uplift the overall look of any room. But silk rugs are not just coveted for their good looks alone. There are several other factors that play into their immense popularity.

Is Your Silk Rug Real Or Fake

The Benefits Of Silk Rugs

A genuine silk rug is manufactured from all natural fibers which make them a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies.

The fibers also discourage the accumulation of debris, dust and dust mites, which are all known allergens.

Despite their delicate appearance, silk fibers are incredibly tough. Rugs made of this material are very durable and will retain their good looks for many generations, provided of course that they are cared for and maintained properly.

When talking about the benefits of silk rugs, you cannot overlook the fact that they can transform the look and ambiance of any room.

How to Know if your Persian Silk Rug is the Real Thing

The downside of the huge popularity of Persian silk rugs is that there are too many fake manufacturers trying to capitalize on this. If you are in the market for a silk rug, the first thing you need to know is how to tell if the piece you have your eye on is the real things.

If the rug meets all of these criteria, you are looking at a genuine Persian silk rug:

  • It has a high knot count. The knot count of a genuine Persian silk rug will never be less than 200 KPSI. It can be higher but never lower. Anything lower than 200 is made from synthetic silk.
  • It has a short pile. A shorter pile allows the underlying pattern to be more distinct.
  • It has an intricate design. Because silk fibers are so fine, it is possible to create intricate designs with lot of detailing.
  • The fringe is an extension of the rug. In a genuine hand-woven rug, the fringe is in fact an extension of the rug itself. This is unlike machine made rugs, where a separate fringe is attached to the main body of the rug.
  • The fibers feel warm when you rub them vigorously. Artificial fibers do not heat up and will feel cool even when rubbed vigorously.

Your Silk Rugs Deserve The Best Care

When you own a genuine silk rug, you must take time to care for it so that your prized possession looks good for years. Fortunately, it isn’t very complicated or laborious.

The first thing to consider is the placement. To extend the life of your silk rug, place it somewhere that does not get direct sunlight or heavy foot traffic. These are two factors that are likely to do the most damage to your rug.

A light weekly vacuuming on low suction will remove any dirt and debris that could otherwise cause premature damage to the fibers. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning methods such as using a brush or broom.

Never use soap and water to wash your rug at home. The damage done will be irreversible. Get your silk rug professionally cleaned at least once a year to remove embedded debris and give the fibers a fresh clean look.




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