Runner Rugs: Why You Need One

A runner rug is a long rectangular or oblong-shaped rug. The length of this type of rug is usually two or more times its width. These are ideal for placing in a narrow floor space, such as a narrow hallway or narrow area of flooring.

Runner rugs not only help tie a room and its furnishings together more seamlessly, but they can also add warmth and color to otherwise drab and drafty spaces. Our favorites are, of course, Persian and Oriental runner rugs because of their unique patterns and colors.

Here are some examples of where you may choose to place a runner rug, as well as some ideas as to why you may need one.


This one may seem obvious, but not everyone thinks they may need a hall runner rug, especially if they prefer the look of bare hardwood. These types of runners are perfect not only for keeping your feet warm during cold mornings, but they may also help reduce noise in the room and the surrounding parts of the house. Bright Oriental runner rugs are perfect for bringing a touch of light and color to an otherwise dark hallway, making the space seem larger through the contrast.


The bedroom is one room in the house where you may choose to get a bit fancier with your runner rugs, as they may be added to either side of the bed, or at the foot of the bed on the floor. This is especially pleasing in large, spacious bedrooms with darker hardwood floors or in rooms with higher ceilings. The runners can be used for a pop of color and a touch of warmth.

Down A Flight Of Stairs

If you have an unusually long runner rug or you are willing to get a custom-made runner rug, this is a great way to add an unexpected bit of color as well as reduce the noise that occurs when the family walks up and down the stairs. Make sure if you choose to go the Oriental route that you choose a runner made of durable wool, as silk may be too delicate for this type of high-traffic area.

Kitchens And Dining Rooms

A runner in the kitchen or dining room can be the perfect accent rug to help break up spaces where there may not be a wall, and it may also be used to accent the furnishings in the room. This is especially true for any large kitchen or dining room with heavy or ornate furniture, as these smaller pieces can be used to focus the eye more toward the center of the room and make its expanse cozier.

runner rugs_why you need one
A kitchen is a great place for a beautiful Oriental runner rug.

Open Floor Plan Accents

If you live in a large house with an open floor plan, you already know what type of magic a runner rug can create. These types of rugs are perfect to break up space within the room while adding a touch of warmth and color.

No matter where you choose to place your runner rug, you’ll be secure in your decision that it will not only enhance your space, but will add value and warmth to your home.