Rug Pile Height should be Shorter or longer?

Rug Pile height 

When you are looking for an oriental rug one of the things you will want to look at is the pile height.

Should you look at a rug with a longer pile or is a shorter pile preferable?

The truth is there is no one right answer. Pile height varies from one type of rug to another. Each weaving tribe has their own distinct pile heights.

However, when it comes to pile height, what matters is the way that the pile is worn. You need to check whether it is worn out evenly or unevenly. Another important thing to look for is that the pile should never be worn out to the extent that the foundation can be seen.

There are different levels of ‘wear’ in oriental rugs, some of which are acceptable whereas others aren’t. Here are a few things to look for.

Original  Rug Pile height

How do you recognize if the pile is the original height? It’s simply really. When a rug is unused, the pile looks clean and crisp. There are no signs of being frayed at any point and if you look at it closely, it will look like nobody has ever walked over it.

Rug Pile Height
Rug Pile Height

Even height but the pile looks slightly lower than normal

A rug that is slightly worn will have a pile that looks slightly lower than the typical height but it will be evenly worn out. While this may not be pristine, it is still in acceptable condition provided that there are no other issues regarding wear.

Rug Pile looks low and is uneven

A rug that is worn more than just a little will have a lower pile height particularly towards the edges. It may also have dents where heavy furniture was placed on it. If the rug you are inspecting has a low, uneven pile but no other issues, it is still okay to buy it provided that there are no other imperfections.

Rug Pile is very low but is even

If the pile of the rug is very low and even it means it has been subjected to a fair amount of wear. This kind of rug could be categorized as being in fair condition and is okay to purchase as long as all other factors are okay.

Rug Pile is very low and is also very uneven

If the rug has a very low pile and that height is also uneven, it indicates that it has been subjected to a lot of wear and more so in some areas. You may also be able to see the knot heads or the foundation in some spots where the pile has been completely worn out. These rugs can be categorized as fair to poor depending on the extent of the wear.

If the pile is very high in some areas and very low in others it is in poor condition and it is advisable not to consider it.

Rug pile uneven
Uneven Rug Pile